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Overcoming the Inertia of Switching Software

Overcoming the Inertia of Switching Software

The approach of a new year or the end of a budget cycle is often a good time to take stock and find ways to grow your business moving forward. In addition to decisions about typical matters like hiring and inventory, many companies use this opportunity to review their existing software setup and decide to upgrade or switch to a new system.

These decisions are never easy, and the reality is that many companies stick with existing software that doesn’t meet their needs, just because they fear that making the switch is a complex undertaking. But as we reach the end of a year that has seen unprecedented changes in where we work and how we work together, the benefits of choosing the right software for your team have never been greater.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that businesses give for hesitating over making the software switch.

New Software Costs Money

It’s true: Any business-level or enterprise-ready software system is going to be a line-item cost in your business’s tech budget. If you own your current software outright or have purchased a perpetual license, it may look like that current system isn’t costing you anything. But those looks can be deceiving.

The new software system you are considering may have a higher upfront cost but still be a better value. It’s important to compare features between your existing software and the new system you’re considering. Even if the new software has a higher price tag or subscription rate, it could deliver cost savings that far outweigh the investment. The right software can automate tasks that would otherwise have taken employees significant labor hours to complete.

Migrating Data Is Hard

After cost, the prospect of having to move your information over to a new system is the biggest hurdle facing companies when considering a software switch. Although migrating data can be complicated, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the effort.

The right new software not only offers tools and support that reduce the pain of data migration, but it also comes with features that help you get more out of that data. Data migration can also be an opportunity to reorganize how your company’s data is set up, reevaluate what your data needs are, and make room for improvement. If you’ve been implementing workarounds just to get your data to work, then it’s time for a new software system that works for you.

Software Means Training

Getting up to speed on a new system can be intimidating, especially when your old software has become a familiar routine. But training doesn’t have to be hard. Today’s best software comes with training options that fit each customer’s needs, as well as customer care and support to help guide the way. Red Wing Software provides excellent support and a great variety of training options, so whatever your schedule and training needs, the solution is there for you.

It’s also worth considering that this year has seen a nationwide switch to remote work for many industries, a move that has meant breaking habits and learning new protocols for workers everywhere. That presents a rare opportunity to improve your company’s workflow and train a receptive audience before new habits set in.

Most importantly, when your new software system makes your workday easier, you’ll happily say goodbye to that old routine.

Maybe Next Year? Why Not Now

Let’s be honest. There are many years where the forecast for the coming months looks quite similar to the year before, and the year before that, so businesses could arguably get away with delaying software purchasing decisions one cycle longer. But no one can claim that 2020 has been a regular year.

We have seen profound changes in how and where our workforce operates and witnessed the grit and resilience of American companies as they’ve adapted to and overcome economic upheaval. If businesses want to be ready for the new challenges ahead, it’s time to rethink their existing systems, software included. There’s never been a better time to put a new system in place to better position your business for the future.