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When is the Best Time to Switch Accounting Software?

Accounting software transition

Switching software might not be as fun as going skydiving or going out to dinner with friends, but it’s often a necessity. Still, many businesses put it off and avoid the issue for as long as possible because they simply cannot bear the thought of disrupting the whole office with the transition. Nobody would blame you if you were one of them! There are some key things you can do to make the transition easier.

Accept the inconvenience.

Take a deep breath, and understand that despite the inconvenience, the switch will make things better in the future. Accept that there may be issues but you and the team will work to get through them. Also, accept that if you stay with your old system, there may be even more problems to deal with, especially if you are using old technology.

Create a timeline.

Just the process of creating a timeline can help you organize your thoughts, as well as a comprehensive list of who needs to do what, and when. With a realistic to-do list, you will also be able to judge which actions are being completed, and whether anybody needs a little nudging to get their part done. You will also be in control, knowing what to expect as you make the transition. The sales representative or support team from the software company you are working with should be able to help you put together a timeline based on your own specific needs.

Get personalized training.

There are often several training options available for your new accounting program, ranging from traditional classroom training to online training, in-program help and more. One way to ensure the success of your accounting software transition is to get personalized training for you, and all who will be using the system, either at your place of business or via the internet. When the training is personal, users are more apt to get each of their questions answered and start off on the right foot. This could make the difference between frustration and a smooth, effective start in your new system.

Preparation is the key to a successful software switch. The more time you put in planning for the switch, the better off you, your team, and the entire company will be in the long run.

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