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Payroll Tip

Direct deposit to unlimited accounts.

Give your employees more options by presenting them the option of depositing portions of their paycheck to different bank accounts of their choice. Maybe it′s saving for Christmas or that trip to Europe…whatever it is can be saved for more efficiently when their pay goes directly into an account specifically for that purpose.

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Payroll Software Guides & Check Lists

  • Payroll Software Check List

    This worksheet can be used as a guide to help your organization find the best payroll software application for you. Consider each field of information and fill in the appropriate answer for your needs. Send this check list to payroll software vendors you are interested in, or simply use it as a guideline when talking to vendors.

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  • Guide to Using Payroll Software Trends To Your Advantage

    Over the years, payroll software programs have implemented newer technology that can help ease the complexity and make payroll processing go much faster. These new payroll software technology trends can help the employer gain efficiencies and reduce payroll processing time. Here are some of the ways your business can take advantage of the latest payroll trends.

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  • Guide to Payroll Tax Filing Options

    If you have employees, you are aware of your responsibility to file payroll taxes on time and accurately. These days, your business has several options on how to file those taxes. Here are the four major ways available for employers to file their employer taxes.

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Payroll Software Trends

  • Payroll Software: Five Emerging Trends You Need To Be Aware

    Is it time to search for a new payroll software program? If so, then you should be aware of the newest features available to those who process payroll. By becoming aware of current trends, you can choose a program that will grow with your operation for years to come, and you can also emerge a hero because of improved accuracy, time saved, easier tax filing, happier employees and much more!

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  • Five Payroll Features that can Drastically Simplify Your Life

    If you are in charge of managing a payroll system and/or are actually doing the payroll processing, then you should be aware of the newest features available that can simplify the entire payroll process. Newer features now available within leading payroll programs can have a drastic impact on a payroll manager′s workload, and can also improve accuracy.

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Switching Payroll Software

  • Technical Considerations of Switching Software — Is Your IT Team Ready?

    So you′re company is making the switch to a newer software application. Now it′s up to you, the IT manager, to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible without too much interruption. Here are some key things to consider for an efficient switch, and to keep your IT team sane.

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  • How Payroll Processes Can Affect Employee Happiness

    It′s true that employees expect their paycheck to be delivered to them promptly on payday. But did you know there are other ways your payroll system can affect employee happiness?

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  • Why your Outdated Payroll Software is Costing you Time and Money

    You are using an outdated software system, and there are distinct benefits to moving forward such as improved efficiency and improved customer satisfaction. But you don′t want to move because the economy seems dismal, and you want to keep your money instead of spending it on software. If you take a closer look, you might just realize that keeping up the older system is costing you more than the money it would cost to purchase a brand new system. Here is why your outdated system can be costing more money and time than you expected.

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  • The Five Most Important Considerations when Selecting Payroll Software

    When it is time to select a new payroll software program for your organization, you have so many things to consider, but here are the five most important things to consider before you even start your search.

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