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CenterPoint Time Clock - Online Time Entry for CenterPoint Payroll

Enter time online, from any web-enabled device where the internet is available.

It's as Easy as:

  • Employees enter their time.
  • Supervisor approves employee time.
  • Time entries are imported into CenterPoint.
  • Payroll is processed from time sheet data .

CenterPoint Time Clock is an online time clock for use with CenterPoint Payroll Software that enables employees and supervisors to enter time online, from any web-enabled device where the internet is available. Employees and supervisors can manage time entry online, and that information can be imported directly into CenterPoint Payroll.

  • Works with CenterPoint Payroll in the cloud or installed locally.
  • Time clock entry can be done on a computer (with internet connection), or accessible on any mobile device (via the web).
  • Optional time approval process for supervisors to allow only approved time to be imported into CenterPoint Payroll.
  • Easily import time and convert to time sheets in CenterPoint Payroll.
  • Hour format can be in decimal or hours/minutes format.
  • AM/PM or military time.
  • Start/Stop or total hours worked.
  • Imported time clock data is archived within the CenterPoint Payroll database, and can be reimported, if needed.
  • Reporting: once data is imported into CenterPoint, it is available for reporting as CenterPoint Time Sheet data on the reports.

Security Features:

  • Account-related actions require email confirmation from the registered party.
  • Credentials are required for access (not anonymously accessible).
  • Strictly HTTPS (secure web site).
  • No sensitive information, such as SSN or earning rates/amounts are collected or stored by CenterPoint Payroll Time Clock.

Time can be tracked in the way that suits your business:

  • Pay Defaults
  • Location/Production Center
  • Department/Profit Center
  • Piece Rate
  • Project


Make time tracking easier for employees who are not on-site or do not have access to a traditional time entry device. Using a time clock online makes time entry fast and simple for employees. Time can be entered from a mobile phone or computer where the internet is available.


Give supervisors an easy place for editing and approving employee time, from virtually anywhere. The online time clock can be set up to give supervisors the option to approve time, and only allow approved time to be imported into CenterPoint Payroll.

Payroll Managers/Processors:

Streamline the process of time entry with the ability to easily import time into CenterPoint Payroll. Flexible setup allows for hours in decimal or hours/minutes, AM/PM or military time, and start/stop or total hours worked. Improve time accuracy and save processing time with a simple import tool for importing into CenterPoint Payroll.

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