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Asset management software by Red Wing Software
  • “CenterPoint Depreciation is a must!”
  • “CenterPoint Depreciation is so flexible.”
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Depreciation Software

CenterPoint Depreciation software can be locally installed or cloud-based, and makes it easy to create, calculate, and store the depreciation of all your fixed assets.

Product Highlights

  • Maximize tax benefits by accurately depreciating your fixed assets.
  • Ensure an accurate financial picture with the ability to view how fixed assets affect your financial statements.
  • Save considerable manual work with the ability to manage multiple quantity fixed assets.
  • Eliminate guesswork and manual calculations by having all applicable IRS tax form worksheets included in the system.
  • Those providing depreciation services can grow their business with ease by using CenterPoint Depreciation for an unlimited number of taxpayers.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a complete fixed asset depreciation system, without the need for a completely new accounting system.