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Red Wing Software's vision is to create the best management software experience for small to mid-sized businesses. Red Wing Software’s accounting software and payroll software fit growing businesses, farms, and organizations. Red Wing Software is located in Red Wing, MN with additional offices in Colorado and Illinois.

CenterPoint Accounting Software

CenterPoint Accounting software is an accounting program that allows businesses to track important information, so they can easily see which areas of the business are thriving, and which areas need improvement. While some accounting and bookkeeping software is made for the masses, CenterPoint Accounting software can be customized to your business needs, so you spend less time working with your software and more time running your business. When you need to see your data, you can easily run a report or search, view, and edit original source transactions. And because you can track data by profit center, department, project, and more, your data can be analyzed on a single section—or your whole business. By seeing data in this way, you know where to make improvements for maximum profitability.

CenterPoint Accounting software includes: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable. Additional modules available include: Inventory, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Payroll. Multiple inventory location tracking is available.

CenterPoint Payroll Software

CenterPoint Payroll helps businesses efficiently manage both simple and complex payrolls. CenterPoint Payroll is an ideal payroll software for employers who need to pay employees in a variety ways…at different rates during the day or from one job to the next. CenterPoint Payroll provides electronic tax form filing capabilities, direct deposit with the option of online pay advices, and an unlimited number of earning and deduction codes to fit a company’s pay needs. Companies can also track pay information in a variety of ways, and CenterPoint reports are customizable so employers can see pay information the way they need to see it. CenterPoint works with most time clocks, or the online CenterPoint Time Clock is available for purchase. CenterPoint also offers an employee portal, where company and personal information can be viewed/managed. With the wide variety of setup, reports, and pay entry options, CenterPoint is a complete payroll solution that can streamline the payroll processes for a wide variety of business types.

CenterPoint Payroll software is excellent for a wide variety of businesses, including manufacturers, banks, franchisees, and YMCAs, agribusinesses and agricultural operations, as well as accountants, CPAs and other service providers who are handling multiple client payrolls.

CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture

Red Wing Software has a long history developing accounting software and financial management software products for the production agriculture industry. The Red Wing Software brand is the most widely known farm accounting software among growers and producers according to a recent independent survey.

CenterPoint Accounting software for Agriculture is ag accounting software for progressive agricultural producers who want to manage and measure profitability and efficiency of their operations. CenterPoint is easy to set up and use, and is an integrated system that includes General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory Management, Asset & Liability Tracking, Production and Financial Analysis.

Producers and growers can use customizable reporting tools to get the exact data they need to make management decisions. These agricultural accounting, financial management software, and payroll software products are ideal for all types of farming and ranching operations, including dairy, cotton, swine, corn, soybean, cash crops, orchards, vegetable growers, and more. They are affordable for small farms, and offer functionality to help management-intensive operations be as efficient and profitable as possible.

CenterPoint Payroll for Agriculture

CenterPoint Payroll for agriculture is designed to efficiently manage both simple and complex payrolls. CenterPoint Payroll is ideal for employers who need to pay employees in a variety ways…at different rates during the day, or during the season, or from one job to the next. CenterPoint Payroll meets H-2A government requirements, and offers automated State and Federal forms with eFiling. Recommended and used by many Farm Credit associations and better farm management consultants throughout the United States the software offers many time-saving features allowing you to spend less time processing payroll.

CenterPoint Fund Accounting Software for Municipals

CenterPoint Fund Accounting is municipal software - a comprehensive fund accounting and payroll software for municipalities. This versatile and affordable system offers the tools needed to handle in-depth fund accounting, budgeting, and GASB compliant reporting. CenterPoint Fund Accounting for Municipals is ideal for small to medium-sized cities that want better control of their finances and the tools needed to manage their municipal, at a reasonable price.

CenterPoint Fund Accounting Software for Nonprofits

CenterPoint Fund Accounting for Nonprofits is a comprehensive nonprofit accounting software. Track to unlimited funds and grants, budget vs. actual reporting, departmental reporting, and strong financial tools can help nonprofits get tighter control of their finances, at a reasonable price. Accounting for nonprofits should be true fund accounting, enabling better management and reporting than with a general accounting system.

CenterPoint Depreciation

CenterPoint Depreciation software is asset management software that makes it easy to create, calculate and store the depreciation of all fixed assets. CenterPoint Depreciation can be used as a standalone fixed asset software, or can be integrated with our business and agriculture accounting products. All applicable IRS tax form worksheets are included within the system, and it is made for a large volume of fixed assets. The system can be used by those providing depreciation services, or by any business type. Using an asset tracking software helps maximize tax benefits by accurately depreciating your fixed assets.

Red Wing Tax Forms

Red Wing Tax Forms is a standalone tax forms software system for generating tax forms, and for filing taxes. Tax forms can be printed and filed or easily eFiled, from information already set up within the system. Red Wing Tax Forms is a product for those who need to file tax forms but do not have that function available within their software system. (Those who have a full payroll system with tax filing capabilities do not need a standalone tax forms software.) Tax forms included within the system include W-2, 1099, 1099-MISC, 1099-PATR, 1099-INT, 940, 941, and 943 forms. The system allows for unlimited payers, unlimited companies, unlimited employees, and multiple states.


Red Wing Software provides a number of training opportunities, including classroom training, online training, on demand videos, extensive in-program and online help, and excellent support.

Customer Care Memberships

We take pride in the personal attention we give our customers. Each caller has the option to call our main toll-free number to speak to our front desk personnel. Customer Care members can also access a technical support specialist who is an expert in their accounting software or payroll software product simply by calling their own unique toll-free number for the plan. All Customer Care members receive unlimited telephone and e-mail support.