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Red Wing Software Partner Program

Our comprehensive partner program can help you develop an ongoing customer base, ensuring long-term success for your business.

Building a future together.

Our partners receive the technology and resource tools necessary to grow their business and become more profitable. The opportunity to increase profits through higher margins, lead generation, sales assistance and training are all benefits our partners can expect to receive from Red Wing Software.

Red Wing Software offers two kinds of partner programs:

Product Integration Partners:

Integration partnerships happen when you have a product you’d like to integrate to a Red Wing Software product. Red Wing Software works together with your team to build product integration between our two software systems. Integration provides customers the most efficient and easy to use system. (Red Wing Software will aid in development of integration, to the degree that expected revenue is projected.)

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Omar Ghazi, JobBOSS

“Finding the product that specializes and leads the way for payroll was crucial. It was imperative for us to partner with an exceptional payroll solution provider we can trust such as Red Wing Software, to help take great care of our customers. Our partnership delivers extra value and functionality to our customers, while allowing JobBOSS to focus on improving and enhancing our core Shop Management Solution.”

Omar Ghazi, JobBOSS.

Product Resellers:

Red Wing Software resellers sell Red Wing Software products, and provide setup, training and support services. The associated annual CenterPoint Customer Care Membership allows your staff and customers direct access to the Red Wing Software support team. The Customer Care Membership also includes new version releases, tax table changes and technology upgrades. Options to share in the annual CenterPoint Customer Care Memberships fees are available with this partnership level.

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Greg Ehemann, E2 SHOP System and E2 Manufacturing System

“Our partnership with Red Wing Software goes back to the early 1990’s. We were looking to develop a partnership with an organization that could provide a payroll solution with the functionality needed for our clients and that would interface well with our software. The payroll solution offered by Red Wing Software provided the utility we were looking for, and they continue to provide a high-quality product and excellent support services.”

“Our partnership with Red Wing Software continues to move forward seamlessly and is helpful in making our E2 SHOP System and E2 Manufacturing System continue to be two of the most comprehensive ERP software packages on the market.”

Greg Ehemann, E2 SHOP System and E2 Manufacturing System