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Accounting and Payroll Software Reviews Red Wing Software

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“CenterPoint is very user friendly. There are only about six screens to get through in CenterPoint to complete a payroll, and that’s including direct deposit. Some other systems are so polluted with different screens, fields and tabs to get through. CenterPoint helps us get things done faster.”

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-Janice Carlson of Carisch, Inc.
Wayzata, Minnesota

Accounting Software Reviews and Payroll Software Reviews - Red Wing Software

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Our Company

Jamie from Farm Credit East in New York says…

I just wanted to Thank You, especially Jayme Poole, for the excellent customer service you provided me yesterday. While out at a client’s office, we ran across an issue of trying to install the 2008 SQL server. Jayme was super to work with and extremely patient to stay on with me and figure out what the issues were. With the help of her and other in the Red Wing Support staff, we finally were able to figure out the issue and get it to work. This was a huge relief to myself and our customer.

Donti from Lebanon, MO says…

“Have you ever called Red Wing software with a problem or question… phenomenal customer service!! You actually speak to a person who can fix your problem or answer your question! I just wanted Ken to know - Red Wing should train other companies!! ”

Erin from Arctic Printing & Graphics, Inc. in Mountlake Terrace, Washington says…

“I want to acknowledge your company for being so supportive. I think you′re doing a great job and I know I can count on you if I have questions or technical issues. Thank you.”

Judy from Hollar Seeds in Rocky Ford, Colorado says…

“The Red Wing Software support staff is always there to help me. I love the unlimited support! With my previous software, I was only allowed five issues each year. Now, I have so many options including a simple e-mail request for help.”

Paul J. Hill, Clerk/Treasurer from Beebe, Arkansas writes…

“Your whole support department is over-the-top when it comes to service, but I′d like to nominate Marlene for sainthood! Not only has she quickly resolved all of my problems (mostly self-created) but she has done it with patience and understanding. I could not have made it through my first two years in this position without her. Period.”

Pamela Wright from City of Marked Tree Water Department in Marked Tree, Arizona writes…

“We do thank all of the employees at Red Wing Software for making our lives a lot easier. I love the new Aatrix W-2 program and I am so proud to know that you all work dilligently to make your program the best. Please keep up the good work and thank you all so much.

Our Training

Calvin Hensley of Greenfield, Indiana says…

“The class was extremely beneficial and we are very confident now in implementing our software. It was very refreshing to see there are businesses out there that are still customer oriented and show great hospitality to its visitors. We certainly felt like more than a number! We look forward to our new partnership and the services your company will provide to us.”

Doug Morgan of Goodland, Indiana says…

“Julie always does an excellent job, the conference is well-organized, the materials provided match the information that is being presented, and the Red Wing organization is a consistent and dependable leader in business systems.”

Shelby from St. Paul, Minnesota says…

“I really enjoyed the 'family feeling' that you receive the moment you walk in the building and throughout the day.”

Carolyn from Candler, North Carolina says…

“I feel this was well worth our time and effort - I've learned so much.”

Jay from Lakeville, Minnesota says…

“The instructor was great! I'm very excited to get our migration underway.”

Carrie from Kearney, Nebraska says…

“Great hospitality and great instructors! Lunches were wonderful, and Red Wing is a great place to visit; very beautiful!”

CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture

Carol Peck from EL-VI Farms LLC in Newark, New Jersey says…

We upgraded from Red Wing Payroll and AgCHEK Accounting software to CenterPoint Accounting and integrated Payroll in January 2012. At first, it seemed difficult to adapt to the different types of menus, and new terminology.

But now it is July, and I am so glad that we made the switch. It now takes only about 1 to 1.5 hours to process the payroll from start to finish, not counting downloading the hours from the time clocks. The post & print procedure in the payroll program works so smoothly in transitioning from employee paper checks to direct deposit pay advices. No longer do I have to process two complete pay runs like I did before purchasing the Direct Deposit module, and the pay run report has all the net pay amounts broken down by the amount and the bank account in which they are deposited. After a few glitches at first, it runs without any problems.

Also, being able to have multiple screens open at the same time allows me to retrieve information when needed, or to look up an account setup if I need clarification. I am constantly being interrupted at work with questions or requests, and it so easy to switch to another screen to retrieve the information requested, and then return to the work in progress.

My heartfelt thanks to all the support staff at Red Wing Software. They are a very knowledgeable group of people, willing to help you through most any problem. I know that I can count on them to help when time is of the essence.

Eugene Glock from Cedar Bell Farms in Rising City, Nebraska says…

“I wouldn’t want to do without it, that’s for sure!”

Eugene Glock will tell you he is a lucky man, but what he might not tell you is that the financial information for his farms and entities is meticulously organized, and because of this he is keenly aware of which areas of his business produce his highest profits. While Gene is a humble man, he is the poster child for smart farm accounting, and for using CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture to its fullest capacity. Maybe it’s not luck after all!

“CenterPoint is a great improvement on the software we used previously,” says Eugene, “It works faster and does some things automatically that our prior system did not. “

Eugene breaks everything down by crop: irrigated corn, dry land corn, etc. He also keeps each farm separate. This way he can always tell which farms and crops are most profitable. “One helpful thing about CenterPoint is that when we need to borrow money, we can easily provide accurate cash flows to our bank, which they really appreciate. We can also see live, up to the minute financial information.”

“I have really appreciated the recurring transaction features in CenterPoint. We split out our expenses by different enterprises, by percentage. (For example, a percentage goes to the office, a percentage to the farm, etc.) Our prior system had recurring invoice function, but it didn’t allow us to split it up by percentage. It has been a huge time saver for us.”

“No matter how perfect a software program is, there will always be some problems or issues along the way. The people at Red Wing Software are really great. I don’t know where they find these people, but they are just so patient and helpful. I think each one of them has helped me at some point. If you want a software product that will provide you service after you purchase it, you want Red Wing Software and CenterPoint. For the return on investment, CenterPoint is better than most investments!”

Hank Wagner from Wagner Farms in Oconto Falls, Wisconsin says…

Wagner farms began using CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture in 2008, after receiving recommendations to replace their a basic, general accounting application with ag-specific enterprise accounting program. “We decided to move up a notch with our financials and make the switch, since our program really wasn′t meant to handle agriculture,” says Hank, “I loved CenterPoint the first year. We broke down each enterprise to see profitability by enterprise as well as the entire business. We also went to accrual accounting versus cash accounting, so we now have a better picture of profitability each month.” Hank also uses the custom reporting feature in CenterPoint Accounting, so their reports have been set up as they like them and saved. Reports can now be run each month with just a few clicks. Hank adds, “We have been extremely pleased with addition of the ratios / financial analysis to CenterPoint, which was not available in our previous program. We use this tool mainly at year end and keep a running benchmark of each category and compare it from year to year to see how we are doing. We can also compare our data with other farmers or businesses to see how we compare. This ratios module is something bankers have been using for years, but businesses have typically found it too difficult to generate this information. CenterPoint makes it easy for businesses and ag operations to generate this information and use it to their advantage.

Amy Sleik of Cross Farms LLC in Oshkosh, Wisconsin says…

Cross Farms LLC has been using CenterPoint Accounting Software for Agriculture to manage their farm′s accounting for about three years. A long time customer of Red Wing Software, Amy has been very pleased with the performance and ease of use CenterPoint has provided. “We really like the way the reports are laid out,” Amy said, “And recent updates have made the reports even more beneficial because we can get exactly the information we need each month. We use the custom reporting and save them to our favorites for easy access whenever we need them. We have been impressed with how user friendly CenterPoint is, especially since we were able to get up and running with the software pretty smoothly right from the start.”

Dan Luckwaldt of Luckwaldt Agriculture, Inc. in Woodville, Wisconsin says..

Luckwaldt Agriculture, Inc. has been using CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture since January 2009. He decided to make the switch from his more basic software to the ag-specific CenterPoint after hearing recommendations at the PDPW Conference to use management accounting, and also from a friend in the industry. “CenterPoint definitely helps me do a better job of keeping track of loan balances. I know where I am financially, which bring me peace of mind and makes things a easier for my accountant at year end. Compared to our previous program, CenterPoint lets me do a better job of tracking principal, interest, and funds held on my various loans. “I′m more in tune with exactly where my money goes,” Dan says. He also mentioned his appreciation for such ag-specific features as the ability to enter milk check data on a repeatable template. This give him confidence in knowing all funds have been allocated properly. “I′m confidenct at the end of the month all my income and expenses have been allocated properly with quantities included so I can perform further analysis.”, says Dan. “I also have been very pleased with the service we receive from Red Wing Software Partner, Barb Kelm. Whereas we previously felt left high and dry with questions with our software, we now have a partner who will come right to our facility to help us when we need it.”

CenterPoint Accounting

Jada from Diversified Management Inc. in Owensboro, Kentucky says…

“Our previous software was doing away with payroll which put us into high gear on finding another. We thought how nice it would be to have accounting and payroll all in one oppose to two separate. Our boss waited until the last moment in giving us an ok to purchase. Although Red Wing was unable to upload our data due to our server, they were very helpful in assisting us with the setup. We absolutely love this program. It is so simple and easy to use. With just a click of the mouse you can filter anything. I am so glad this is a program with accounting and payroll all in one. It makes coming to work more enjoyable and the boss is pleased that we are more efficient. Taking the training classes also helped understand more of this software’s capabilities. Red Wing associates are so nice and helpful even when you don't understand, they can remote in and show you then and there. This is a great program that I wish every business used!”

Sharon from Chase City Tastee-Freez in Chase City, Virginia says …

Sharon has owned and operated Tastee-Freez Restaurants in Chase City and Wylliesburg, Virginia since 1985. In addition to being an experienced business owner, Sharon is experienced in managing accounting systems, having used many different accounting programs since the 1970s. Sharon has been using CenterPoint Accounting and Payroll since 2009. Here’s what Sharon has to say about CenterPoint!

“CenterPoint Accounting is extremely easy to use! When I purchased the software, I took all of the “Getting Started” online webinars Red Wing Software offers. These online courses offer extraordinary teaching, and I felt comfortable working in the program after completing them”

“I love the fact that I can correct a mistake, if I find one. For example, if I am balancing the checkbook and find an error, I can go right in and fix the mistake from there. Or if I put something in the wrong account, I can easily go back in and fix it, right from the report I am viewing. My accountant loves CenterPoint too. When he asks for any report at all, I can go into CenterPoint and easily get the information he has requested.”

“Payroll is also very simple, and I can complete payroll in one-third of the time it took with my previous payroll program. I appreciate the fact that I can reprint checks with the same check number, for example in the case that a check gets jammed in the printer.”

“Red Wing Software’s support is great, and if I ever have questions, I can just give them a call or else go online and find an answer. All of the updates to the program are fabulous and I have found them very useful.”

“I just love CenterPoint, and I will never change software! I recommend the software to other businesses whenever I can. It’s one of the best accounting programs I have ever used, and I have been doing accounting since the 1970s.”

CenterPoint Fund Accounting

Mary Wiles from City of Highland, Arkansas says …

“I am very happy that our municipal organization made the choice to upgrade our accounting and payroll software to CenterPoint Fund Accounting and CenterPoint Payroll. The reports are so user-friendly, and I like the flexibility that I can customize my reports the way I need them and then save them in my Favorites tab. Also, the drill-down features within CenterPoint allow me to quickly access the information I need and I like that I am able to navigate within the software to easily manage my fund accounts. We have also integrated CenterPoint Payroll into our system, and I have been extremely pleased with the way it streamlines the pay entry process by putting all entry onto one screen. We′ve also made our pay process much simpler by adding direct deposit; a feature which allows us to transmit all pay data electronically to each employee′s account right from our payroll system, reducing the cost and time associating with printing checks. I recommend any municipal looking for fund accounting and payroll software to take a look at CenterPoint.”

CenterPoint Payroll

Ross from Skaurud Grain Farms in Gary, Minnesota says…

Skaurud Grain Farms and SGF, Inc. outgrew the use of spreadsheets to track payroll information and the process of sending that data to a third party payroll service. With around 20 full-time employees and 15-20 seasonal workers, the management of payroll information became too much to keep track of manually. After migrating to CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture in 2012, they decided to add the Payroll module in November of 2013. We spoke with Ross Opsahl of Skaurud Grain Farms to get the story of how the switch from spreadsheets and a third party service went when they transitioned to in-house processing.

Ross said the biggest benefit of moving to CenterPoint Payroll was the time savings provided. Before making the switch, they were spending sporadic amounts of time over three different days in order to assemble the bi-weekly packet, send it off to the provider, proof it when returned, and then record the final copy. Having moved to CenterPoint Payroll, they estimate that the processing time has been cut by at least 50% and most of the normal and ongoing pay runs can be completed in 2 hours from start to finish. The ability to process it in a single and uninterrupted session and eliminate the duplicate keying lead to much better efficiency and utilization of office staff’s time. In addition, the risk of human error due to all the data hand-offs was removed and the installation of an electronic time clock streamlined the entire process. Since making the switch to CenterPoint Payroll at the beginning of 2014, Ross says he “can’t remember having to re-post a payroll or needing to make correcting or journal entries. That helps when it comes time to make the required tax and benefits deposits and in turn makes the quarterly and annual reporting events a lot less stressful”. Another advantage that the management team has recognized is the wide array of easy to access and customizable reports.

The family farm business has gone to automatic ACH deposits to employees in 2015 and expects to add the online pay stub notification beginning in January of 2016.

Jada from Diversified Management Inc. in Owensboro, Kentucky says…

“Our company has only used CenterPoint Payroll for over a year now. It is wonderful! So quick and simple to use. Our prior payroll service had discontinued its services leaving us to find another program to use. I am so glad we decided to go with Redwing's CenterPoint. They offer exceptional training and the customer support is superb. Thank you Red Wing for making our transition easy and enjoyable.”

Jeri Stearns from A Company Portable Restrooms in Boise, Idaho says:

“We were coming from an antiquated system when we chose CenterPoint Payroll Software. We are extremely happy with the payroll software and even happier with the support we’ve received from Red Wing Software. The data transfer went smoothly and the transition went well. Overall purchasing CenterPoint Payroll has been a great experience, even better than I had expected.”

Wendy Velarde from U.S. Water Services in St. Michael, Minnesota says…

Wendy Velarde, VP of Human Resources at U.S. Water Services, noticed one day that somebody was walking around the office handing out pay stubs to employees. She thought it seemed inefficient and wanted to see if there was a better way. They were using CenterPoint Payroll by Red Wing Software at the time, so she contacted Red Wing Software to learn more about streamlining that process. Shortly after, they began using the electronic publish pay advice feature offered within CenterPoint Payroll. “Employees have been extremely happy with the online access to their pay information,” said Wendy, “Now they can access their pay data anytime.” Wendy also mentioned several situations during which the electronic access to pay advices could have come in handy. “Once during a snow storm, an employee needed access to his pay information, but only a very few employees had made it to the office. Having the pay advice function back then would have given him immediate access to that data, as long as he had access to the internet,” said Wendy. Also, employees all around the U.S. had to wait for their paper pay stub from the corporate office via mail. The employees are now much happier, having immediate access to their pay information instead of waiting for their stub to arrive in the mail. Providing immediate access to their payroll information allowed one family with a son going to college, to access the financial information they needed for their son’s college easily by using the online pay advice system. Wendy added, “Adding the publish pay advice function has been a huge win from an employee perspective, and it has also saved our company time and money. ”

Mark Gregory and Janice Carlson from Carisch, Inc. in Wayzata, Minnesota say…

“There are far fewer screens to get through in CenterPoint in order to get things done,” says Janice Carlson, “It’s very user friendly. There are only about six screens to get through in CenterPoint to complete a payroll, and that’s including direct deposit. Some other systems are so polluted with different screens, fields and tabs to get through. CenterPoint helps us get things done faster.” They also liked the simplicity of easily switching from keyboard to mouse functions, to improve efficiency. Mark and Janice were also pleased with the reporting capability of CenterPoint Payroll. “There are a lot of standard reports available,” says Mark, “But creating your own custom reports is also easy.” Janice expanded by saying, “A payroll system is only as good as the information you can pull out of it. CenterPoint saves us time by making our reporting more efficient.” With Carisch’s legacy payroll system, it almost took a programmer to generate a report. The Carisch staff feels that the ad hoc reporting in CenterPoint is probably the software’s major strength.

Carisch decided to go with Red Wing Software and CenterPoint Payroll. Red Wing Software imported employee data from their Libra software, and they ran payroll on both systems parallel for an entire month, until they felt comfortable things were running smoothly and accurately. Training was completed online with a Red Wing Software technician. “Response times are critical for us,” says Janice, “Our payroll is 100% direct deposit, and we must have the payroll data to the bank before the required cutoff time. So response time was especially crucial when we first started, and continues to be important. We were very pleased to find that Red Wing Software’s customer support always reacts quickly.”

Dan Hustedt from California Forensic Medical Group in Monterey, California says…

California Forensic Medical Group, a company providing contract medical care, has more than 600 employees in 26 California counties. Dan Hustedt, the company’s VP of Finance, was looking for a better accounting and payroll system, when their needs had outgrown the software they were currently using.

Dan found the import capabilities within CenterPoint Payroll ideal. They could import their data directly from spreadsheets where their payroll information is tracked. Also, the Aatrix State and Fed Payroll Reports is included within the standard system. Dan liked the capabilities CenterPoint offered for storing additional information about employees, such as the employee training and certification tracking. “The next step up from what we were using would have probably been a much more expensive option with full HR capability. Red Wing Software’s CenterPoint provided us the features we needed at a much lower price,” said Dan, “The support has been very good and conscientious, and you get to know them. We’ve definitely been satisfied with the product and support, and the support staff.”

Lisa Chester of American Implement in Garden City, Kansas says…

“I really like CenterPoint Payroll’s reports. They are easy to run, and you can make them look just how you want and then save them. Also, when we get audited, I run any report that is requested by the audit team using CenterPoint Payroll. I have always been able to give them exactly what they want on the first try, by running the reports. You can easily get the information you need, right when you need it in CenterPoint Payroll!”

Garry from Quoin Financial Bank in Miller, South Dakota says…

“We moved to CenterPoint Payroll and have really found the system easy to use. We are extremely pleased that we complete the payroll process about forty percent faster with CenterPoint Payroll than with our previous software. Reports are easy to find and run. Direct deposit speeds up the payment process because of not having to print checks. We also now track more information in CenterPoint Payroll, such as deductions and leave time, 401K employer match, and by having this information calculated saves us time. With CenterPoint Payroll the tax tables are updated and installed automatically when we update the system. Quarterly tax filing is also much more convenient. We′ve been very happy with CenterPoint Payroll and the service we receive from Red Wing Software. Customer Support is very helpful and willing to help solve your questions. The fact that customer support has the ability to access your computer through the internet is very helpful and eliminates further call backs.”

Todd from City National Bank in Taylor, Texas says…

City National Bank in Taylor, Texas prides itself on offering the latest technology advancements to its customers, and this commitment extends to the bank′s internal software systems as well. Last year, Vice President Todd Ringling was searching for a payroll software system that could grow with the bank′s technology needs and provide cutting edge payment options to the bank′s employees. “We rely on and consistently stay ahead of technology,” says Todd, “and when we found CenterPoint Payroll by Red Wing Software, I just had a feeling they would be able to help us stay ahead of the curve.”

He decided to check into CenterPoint Payroll Software more deeply to see if there was a fit for the bank′s payroll needs. “I was especially impressed with our sales rep, Matt,” says Ringling, “Instead of just giving us the answers we wanted to hear, Matt dug in and researched to find us the right answer, even with our more challenging requirements. I appreciated his hard work and honesty—it was a very painless process.”

“We were really looking for a payroll system that would allow for electronic pay stubs (the ability for employees to view pay information securely online), and an interface to our new 401K system. Red Wing Software was able to help us on both counts. Later on, we needed to create a posting file for our general ledger entries. Again, Red Wing Software obliged and created it for us. There are some things we need to help keep us efficient, and Red Wing Software has provided us with those things in CenterPoint Payroll.”

After purchasing CenterPoint Payroll, Aaron installed the software and used the import tool to bring in data from the older system. “The installation of the software and the import of data went smoothly, no problems whatsoever,” says Aaron, “Going from our older software to now and how customizable CenterPoint is to our needs is a major difference. Instead of tweaking our payroll processes to fit our software, we are now able to set up CenterPoint to meet our needs, which saves considerable time.”

Aaron has made use of the customizable reports tool within CenterPoint also. “Wow, it′s fantastic!” he says, “CenterPoint has standard reports available, which can then be customized and saved just how we like them. I cannot say enough good things about CenterPoint Payroll. Their support is fantastic. I never have any problems getting ahold of anyone. When I do have a problem with the system, somebody is able to help me through it quickly.”

Pam from McDonald's of Fairmont in Fairmont, Minnesota says…

“Navigating around in CenterPoint Payroll is really easy. Compared to the older payroll system we were using, it is much easier to complete tasks like looking up employees or other information when I need it. Being able to access this information more quickly saves significant time!”

CenterPoint Payroll for Ys

Tim from the YMCA of Stevens Point, WI says…

We are using CenterPoint Payroll and are very happy with it. I can assure you that my experiences over the years have been very good. Some of the support people I have talked to since day one are still there and giving the same, excellent support they always have. From an economical standpoint, CenterPoint really gets it, and helps the non-profits with very reasonable support rates and service that is second to none. We embraced direct deposit early on and have been very happy with it right from the start. CenterPoint has been very easy to scale as our operation has become bigger and more complex. With people working in 4 and more different areas, each requiring a different job code, CenterPoint is one of the few payroll programs that can handle that process easily. Now we are totally paperless and use the website where staff can get their paper copies of paystubs as needed.

We integrated with Timeforce timekeeping and that integration has also saved us countless hours.

All in all, I am very grateful for the partnership our association has had with Red Wing and Centerpoint and I am sure that relationship will continue in the years to come.

Connie from the YMCA of Wilmington, North Carolina …

The YMCA of Wilmington has been using CenterPoint Payroll since 2014. Connie Clemmons manages the payroll for approximately 170 employees at the YMCA of Wilmington, using CenterPoint Payroll, and has this to say:

“I love all the reports in CenterPoint Payroll. They are very user friendly, and you can export them to Excel, unlike our prior system. Mark was very helpful in helping me get the time import and exports from our time and attendance software and accounting software as well as the import into the YERDI Eligibility Tracking system (Y retirement software) set up and working. We use direct deposit to pay employees, and we use the publish pay advice function, which enables employees to view their pay information online. It works great. Probably the best thing about CenterPoint Payroll is built in tax filing via Aatrix for federal and state filing. What used to take me an entire day in my prior system for quarterly tax filing, now takes one hour in CenterPoint! Overall, we have been very happy with CenterPoint Payroll.”

Our Products for Agriculture

Alan Baucom from A L Baucom Co. in Monroe, North Carolina says…

“I can literally get any type of report that I need out of my Red Wing Software system. And, it′s relative to agriculture. I no longer have to try to mold a general package to my specific needs. There′s a wealth of managment information for me to use.”

Kellie Hulsey from Emerald Dairy in Emerald, Wisconsin says…

“We′ve reduced our time spent in monthly management meetings because the reports I give our owners are streamlined and precisely targeted at what they need to know.”

Myron Stutzman from Stutzman Orchards in Malaga, Washington says…

“I trust Red Wing Software′s ag-specific accounting software to provide access to key data that I would not have by using off-the-shelf products.”

CenterPoint Depreciation

Jill A. Robinson, EA at Farm Credit East in Greenwich, New York says …

The CenterPoint depreciation module is so flexible. It allows multiple schedules for a single client, federal, state and book schedules. Clients with multiple businesses can be in the same database so you can run consolidated schedules for all companies or just one. You don’t have to wait for tax software’s annual update as Centerpoint is updated during the year. It handles multi-unit and partial interest sales. Trades are a snap with 2 different methods, roll-in basis and continue to depreciate. The 5 year future depreciation report also aides our tax planning.

Red Wing Tax Forms

Janice Bitter , from Farm Credit East in Homer, New York says …

Our office generates a high volume of payroll and 1099 forms for our clients. Red Wing Tax Forms is extremely easy to use, and has taken the stress out of payroll reporting.

Our Software for Franchises

Sarah J. Mueller from Brinkman Bros. Inc. in Tecumseh, Nebraska says …

Brinkman Bros. Inc. is an authorized automobile dealership that uses Red Wing Payroll software to process their payroll. Sarah J. Mueller from Brinkman Bros. Inc. submitted the below story about their success with Red Wing Payroll software.

“We have used your payroll system for over ten years and have been satisfied with it. However, this spring when it was time to upgrade our [Large Automobile Manufacturer] mandated accounting system, the opportunity arose to implement their payroll at no fee for usage. With much hesitation, but trying to save some money, we opted to go with it.”

“As we expected, the setup and history input was very “interesting” with strange numeric required for pay and deduct types. There were no vacation and sick tables available or a provision for calculating or tracking.”

“We processed a payroll okay but the reports were very difficult to read. The end of quarter reports were worse!”

“One payroll and one quarter end was all we needed to realize that this wasn´t our best choice! We learned an expensive lesson as we did have laser setup fees and check blanks to order that have been destroyed. We now know, though, that Red Wing Payroll is the very best system for our needs.”

“Thanks for a very efficient, easy to understand and use system that has more accurate, up to date features than a large, very large, corporation has to offer.”

“Thanks for your continued service and for your efficient, accurate technical support center. We now know that you offer what we need at a reasonable price and that something at no additional charge isn´t necessarily best.”

Gail Freeman from Pizza Hut of Uniontown in Wichita, Kansas says …

Pizza Hut of Uniontown uses Red Wing Software to Manage Payroll for 14 Stores. Pizza Hut Of Uniontown, Inc. is a company that owns and operates 14 Pizza Hut franchise stores. Gail Freeman is in charge of managing and processing the payroll for all 14 locations and approximately 300 employees. Since implementing Red Wing Payroll Software about two years ago, she has found much greater flexibility in reporting and time entry, and has been very happy with the system′s ease of use and excellent telephone support.

Gail wanted to have all 14 of the Pizza Hut locations set up in one company, and also be able to track labor information by individual location when necessary. To accomplish this, they set up the payroll system as one total company with each Pizza Hut location as a department. By doing this, they can run reports to see expenses by location that includes information such as how much labor expense there was for the cooks, drivers, servers, maintenance, overtime, and more. “There′s just so much flexibility,” said Gail, “We can get a report on just about anything an officer of the company wants to see, by total company or by store.”

Because they needed the ability to track information by job function, they set up each job class as a project. For example, servers, cooks, drivers, and maintenance each have their own project code. When data is entered, a job code is selected, making it easy to back and see vacation and sick time (for example) by job type. This also allows them to keep track of incentive pay for drivers, who earn incentives based on the number of hours without an accident. In addition,they can easily see labor costs by job function.

In order to make the setup of new employees easy, Gail set up pay codes for each employee type, attaching standard earning and deduction codes by job type. Entering new employees becomes a matter of simply attaching the pre-set pay codes to the employee, rather than entering each earning and deduction by hand.

“Red Wing Payroll is a really user-friendly system,” remarked Gail, “The people I′ve hired to use the system learned it very fast, and were able to run it on their own after running only one payroll. Although I learned to use the system before attending training, Red Wing Software´s training is very good, and their technical support is just excellent”.

Migrating to CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture from Perception

Cindy Stones, of Stones Farms, in Lebanon, Kansas, used Red Wing Software’s legacy product, Perception, since 1998. As many customers do, they waited as long as they could to make the switch to Red Wing Software’s current product, CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture. She is very happy she made the switch. Here’s what Cindy has to say:

“I installed CenterPoint and had our data migrated from Perception. Nearly all of our data transferred over from Perception to CenterPoint, and the migration process went smoothly. After using CenterPoint for nearly a year, I decided to attend the live classroom training. Julie, the training instructor, did an excellent job at the training. She knows her stuff and kept things moving, and answered all my questions, even before I had a chance to ask them! She was a great teacher.

One thing I was really glad to learn about in training was how to access and modify the reports available in CenterPoint Accounting and Payroll. We hadn’t been using the reports as extensively as we could, before the training. The reporting feature in CenterPoint is extensive, and during the training I learned how to access and customize the reports for our business. The training session really helped us understand more of the processes in CenterPoint.

I can enter financial transactions and work on payroll all day long, but in the end, it’s the reports that matter the most. If we can’t get the reports we need, or they are not available in our software, then we don’t have the information we need to make good business decisions. CenterPoint’s reports are very extensive and customizable. My husband needs financial reports to make important business decisions. And he can get that information by using CenterPoint’s reports.

In the agricultural business, we have to have good records and bookkeeping. It’s so great to have an accounting software that is GAAP, with live support, and that is specific to our farming trade.”

Migrating to CenterPoint from TurningPoint:

Kristi from Ross Manufacturing in St. Francis, Kansas says…

“The initial transition was a little rocky because of the way our manufacturing business keeps track of inventory, but the staff was awesome and we were able to work through all of the migration issues. Changing from TuringPoint to CenterPoint was the best decisions we could have made! I love this program!”

Migrating to CenterPoint Accounting from Champion Controller

Patty from C&H Flooring in Judson, Texas says…

“CenterPoint is like Champion on steroids! What I love about CenterPoint is that you can really customize it to your needs. No matter what kind of company you have, you can customize for the needs of that company. I customize reports, sales tickets, payroll, projects, customers, inventory, budgets and even our forms. Because of this, we are able to operate our business smoothly and the accounting is much easier because it’s set up to work the way our business does.

Everything has been thought out in CenterPoint so it can work for a wide variety of businesses, especially because of its customization abilities. I have even found the CenterPoint does a better job for a flooring-specific business than the software that was made specific for flooring businesses, because of its flexibility.”

Patty Childress, CFO at C&H Flooring, was using Champion Controller for many years. She recently made the switch to CenterPoint Accounting and Payroll and has extremely pleased with the switch.

Richard from Rentals Northwest in Tacoma, Washington says…

After 15+ years of using Champion Controller Software, Richard Wilber of Rentals Northwest decided to make the switch to Red Wing Software′s newest accounting software option: CenterPoint Accounting. “We really liked Controller and would have stayed with it, had a Windows version been available,” says Wilber, “But now we′ve made the switch to CenterPoint, and we are really happy with it.”

“Red Wing′s tech department was absolutely fantastic. They helped with the data transfer and software transition, which went without a hitch. We decided to migrate one company first and work with it while double entering the information into both systems. After we became comfortable using CenterPoint, we migrated all five companies into CenterPoint and then also added a new company.”

“CenterPoint Accounting is very flexible. I love the drill down capability, and especially the fact that we can fix invoices right there on the screen when we are making payments. We can also now use the newer scanners and printers, something we couldn′t do with Controller. Another thing I like is the flexibility on generating financial reports. The system makes it easy to get a good financial picture in any time period chosen. And CenterPoint is even quicker than Controller with the new computers we′ve purchased.”

Having been a customer for nearly 20 years, Richard says, “Red Wing Software just fits our needs. We purchase the highest level of customer support. We rarely need it, but when we do, it′s nice to be able to just pick up the phone and know we will quickly get the help we need.”

Migrating to TurningPoint from Red Wing DOS and Champion Controller

Lisa from Dowers Roofing in Galesburg, Illinios says…

Lisa Bennett, a Red Wing Software customer, had been with Dowers Roofing for 19 years when she made the decision to move from DOS® based accounting and payroll software to a newer, updated Windows® software application. “Our accountant kept on telling us we should move to newer technology,” says Lisa, “and we finally decided it was time to move forward. Thankfully, it was a lot easier to learn the new system than I thought it would be!”

Before making the switch, Lisa printed off some “migration help documents” that are available on the Red Wing Software Web site. She kept them at her desk and read them whenever she had time. After deciding to make the move, she opted to have Red Wing Software transfer or “migrate” her data into the newer system, which went very smoothly. Once the transfer was complete, she worried that she wouldn’t know how to use the new system. “I called Red Wing Software support nearly every day for the first few weeks,” says Lisa, “I took it day by day and did as much as I could on my own, and called when I had any questions or needed help. I became familiar with the new system more quickly than I thought I would!”

Once the transfer was complete, Lisa ran payroll in both systems for three pay runs, verifying pay and the accuracy of each run. She then went to just the new system. “After about a month and a half, I felt comfortable using both the accounting and payroll system on my own,” says Lisa, “I feel so confident with the new system now (after eight months) that I could comfortably train someone else how to use it.”

Despite her initial apprehension, Lisa is happy she made the switch. “The new system has a lot more to offer than the DOS program we were using. I haven′t tried out any of the graphs or charts yet, but I plan on trying them out more this winter along with more of the reports, to help us increase our profitability,” says Lisa.

Debbie from Lake City Marina in Lake City, Minnesota says…

“I can use TurningPoint to do more for my business than I could with DOS. I can even include slip rent in the customer set-up! I love that. It′s very efficient to access everything I need from this one program; it′s all right in front of me and very user-friendly.”

Lois from Mahlander′s A-1 Service in Sioux Falls, South Dakota says…

“TurningPoint is easy to use. The fact that you can export and e-mail reports is great! Now, I can quickly send information to my CPA instead of having to print, and fax or mail a bunch of paper.”

Joan from Whole Hog Health in Hartington, Nebraska says…

“The migration was a lot smoother than I anticipated. I was very pleased and after just six weeks of using it, I knew I made the right choice to migrate. I would never go back.”



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