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Payroll Software for YMCAs
  • “So quick and simple to use.”
  • “We complete the payroll process about forty percent faster.”
  • “You can easily get the information you need, right when you need it!”
  • “I cannot say enough good things about CenterPoint Payroll!”
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Payroll Software for YMCAs – CenterPoint Payroll

YMCAs that have made the switch appreciate CenterPoint Payroll software's excellent phone support, personal service, and flexible training options.

CenterPoint Payroll Features & More…

CenterPoint Payroll is reasonably priced, yet can handle the complex payroll needs of most YMCAs. Because of CenterPoint Payroll Software′s ease of use, flexible setup, and excellent service, YMCAs across the country are already benefiting from using this payroll solution.

CenterPoint Payroll Features for YMCAs:

  • YERDI Integration
  • State and Federal forms printing and/or eFiling option including the ACA reporting
  • Unlimited earnings and deduction type tracking
  • Calculate and manage leave information
  • Export options to third party general ledger applications
  • Flexible setup and customization
  • CenterPoint Fund Accounting integration

Add-on Options and Services:

  • Create Direct Deposit file for ACH processing
  • Provide electronic pay stub/advices for direct deposit employees
  • Default pay rate by profit center/fund, branch, department and project
  • Import employee time transaction from time capture tools
  • Track employee certification and training requirements

Here's what our customers say about CenterPoint Payroll for YMCAs…

Tim from the YMCA of Stevens Point, Wisconsin says…

“We are using CenterPoint Payroll and are very happy with it. I can assure you that my experiences over the years have been very good. Some of the support people I have talked to since day one are still there and giving the same, excellent support they always have. From an economic standpoint, CenterPoint really gets it, and helps the non-profits with very reasonable support rates and service that is second to none. We embraced direct deposit early on and have been very happy with it right from the start. CenterPoint has been very easy to scale as our operation has become bigger and more complex. With people working in four and more different areas, each requiring a different job code, CenterPoint is one of the few payroll programs that can handle that process easily. Now we are totally paperless and use the website where staff can get their paper copies of pay stubs as needed.

We integrated with Timeforce timekeeping and that integration has also saved us countless hours.

All in all, I am very grateful for the partnership our association has had with Red Wing and CenterPoint and I am sure that relationship will continue in the years to come.”

Connie from the YMCA of Wilmington, North Carolina says…

The YMCA of Wilmington has been using CenterPoint Payroll since 2014. Connie Clemmons manages the payroll for approximately 170 employees at the YMCA of Wilmington, using CenterPoint Payroll, and has this to say:

“I love all the reports in CenterPoint Payroll. They are very user friendly, and you can export them to Excel, unlike our prior system. Mark was very helpful in helping me get the time import and exports from our time and attendance software and accounting software as well as the import into the YERDI Eligibility Tracking system (Y retirement software) set up and working. We use direct deposit to pay employees, and we use the publish pay advice function, which enables employees to view their pay information online. It works great. Probably the best thing about CenterPoint Payroll is built in tax filing via Aatrix for Federal and State filing. What used to take me an entire day in my prior system for quarterly tax filing, now takes one hour in CenterPoint! Overall, we have been very happy with CenterPoint Payroll.”

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Find Out More about CenterPoint Payroll!

These Features and Many More:

  • Fully Integrates with CenterPoint Accounting
  • Flexible Time Entry and Processing
  • eFiling Option
  • Direct Deposit Option