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Payroll Software for manufacturers

Payroll Software for

CenterPoint Payroll Software is a cloud-based or locally installed system that can handle the specific payroll needs of manufacturers and job shops.

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Payroll Software for Accountants


Get the information you need, quickly and easily. Every time.

Hundreds of standard reports are available. Reports are customizable and can be saved for later use. Eliminate the frustration of having to improvise – CenterPoint Payroll reports allow you to get the reports you need, when you need them.

Streamlined Tax Filing

Tax Filing

State and Federal Tax Filing Made Easy.

State and federal reporting is streamlined with built-in reports. Data from within CenterPoint is automatically transferred to your required forms for fast eFiling or printing on plain paper. Choose a full-service W-2 and 1099 fulfillment option as an added resource, which greatly cuts down the time spent on year-end processes.

Paperless Payroll


Eliminate paper and streamline payroll with these paperless features.

Streamlined Tax Filing

Key Features

Find out what you′ve been missing in other payroll programs.

CenterPoint Payroll offers important features that are hard to find in other payroll programs.

401K Tracking

Handle virtually any retirement plan deduction.

Create as many deductions as you wish, including 401k, Roth, 403b, Simple IRA, and many more. Limits can easily be set for employer matches as well as annual contributions no matter the plan.

Healthcare Savings Plans

Easily manage complex healthcare savings plans.

Easily handle HSA and FSA plans, and set limits on these tax free deductions.

Wage Garnishment

Automate complex wage garnishments.

What was once a manual calculation for complex wage garnishments can be set up and automated in CenterPoint Payroll, saving significant processing time, and eliminating manual calculation errors.

Time Tracking

Associate labor costs in any way you choose.

Associate employee labor costs to projects, profit centers, departments, and more. Understand your labor cost, which helps you understand your profitability so you can make better decisions.

Streamlined Tax Filing

Success Stories

Our Customers have great things to say about CenterPoint Payroll.

CenterPoint Payroll Solved Problems We Didn′t Even Know We Had!

Kaci King, CFO
West Ohio Tool Co.

Kaci King is the CFO of the family owned West Ohio Tool Co., a company that manufactures cutting tools. In 2012, their company was seeking a new accounting system. They wanted the ability to easily track “ travelers”, another way of saying that they wanted to be able to associate time with job costing and job tracking. They selected Shoptech′s E2 Shop System software as their new accounting system. Because there was a direct interface to CenterPoint Payroll from E2 Shop System, they decided to also make a switch from their payroll system to CenterPoint Payroll.

Here′s what Kaci has to say about CenterPoint Payroll.

“Before we switched to CenterPoint Payroll, we weren′t even aware of all the payroll problems it would solve for us. You don′t know what you don′t know, and it fixed issues we didn′t even know we had. Once we switched to CenterPoint Payroll, we were able to easily implement direct deposit to pay employees, rather than printing checks, something our prior system was missing. CenterPoint also has automatic tax updates, including local tax updates, so we no longer had to go in and update that information manually, which became a huge time saver. We were also amazed at how much easier the entire process of payroll in general became, and especially the processing of tax forms like W-2s. We do have some employees with child support withholdings, another thing CenterPoint greatly simplified for us.

Moving to CenterPoint Payroll was a great move for us as a manufacturer. Making the switch took a giant load off our backs. We rarely have any issues with CenterPoint Payroll, but when we do, we just call their support team, and it is such a blessing. Every time we call in, there′s a warm voice and they are able to help us quickly get issues resolved. CenterPoint is honestly inexpensive for what you get. Put it this way, there′s way more value than cost. We have no desire to ever look for another payroll system.”

Three Minutes to Run Payroll: “Why Didn′t I Do This Sooner?”

Sara Jensen, Vice President Jensen′s Manufacturing

Sara Jensen is the Vice President at Jensen′s Manufacturing, a job shop in Manchester, Minnesota. Having used other payroll systems over the years, Sara switched from an older system to CenterPoint Payroll in 2019, when their prior system became outdated.

Here′s what Sara has to say about CenterPoint Payroll.

“The thing I like most about CenterPoint Payroll is that, it can handle what we need to be doing in payroll as a job shop, and it is SO EASY to use! I mean, it takes me three minutes to run payroll. We have two salaried and two to three hourly employees. We recently switched to the cloud version of CenterPoint, and I′m very pleased that I will now be able to run payroll from home, or wherever I am. We will also be implementing Red Wing Software′s Time Clock Kiosk, putting it on the job floor, so employees will be able to clock in from a shared device. This will save the employees time, and I will no longer have to import time manually. The Red Wing Software Support team is great – if needed, they can log in remotely to my computer and give me the help I need.

I encourage people who are afraid to make a change to just do it. I was amazed when I made the switch, and I wondered why I didn′t do it sooner. I would never, ever consider changing to a different payroll system!”