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Payroll for Home Healthcare
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Payroll for Home Healthcare

Whether your home health care agency has two employees or 100, CenterPoint Payroll software has features that can help you process payroll quickly and accurately.

Home healthcare agencies that provide home healthcare services have special challenges when it comes to payroll processing. When employees work remotely, need to enter time at different locations, and the type of work and rate may vary from place to place, keeping track of time entries can be a nightmare.

CenterPoint Payroll, in conjunction with CenterPoint Time Clock, allows employees to enter time securely from wherever they are on their internet connected mobile device. It also allows agencies to vary pay based on location and job type, track vacation and sick time, wage garnishments, 401k and much more.

Additionally, direct deposit, online pay advices and electronic tax filing enable a paper-free payroll.

CenterPoint Payroll can be installed locally or used in the cloud. It includes all the standard features you’d expect to find in payroll, such as tax filing, benefit tracking, and much more. Read more about the features proven to help home healthcare agencies simplify payroll processing below or sign-up for a Free Product Demonstration to see how CenterPoint Payroll can help your agency be more accurate and timely in processing payroll.

To see a complete list of CenterPoint Payroll features, please visit the CenterPoint Payroll page.

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Time Tracking

Time tracking is an essential feature for home healthcare agencies. With a wide variety of job types, pay rates, departments and profit centers, it can be difficult to know who is doing what, and where. CenterPoint Payroll allows the setup of tracking time in multiple ways, so you will always be able to see a detailed breakdown of labor costs.

Accounting Software and Payroll Software for Business. Accounting Program, Bookkeeping Software

Time Clock

If you currently use a time clock, it can likely be used along with CenterPoint Payroll. Another option is to use the online CenterPoint Time Clock, which allows employees to enter time from wherever they are working on their internet connected mobile device. An optional process for manager approval is included.

Direct Deposit Pay and View Pay Stubs Online

How do you distribute pay to employees who are not regularly in the office? Simplify your payment method for home healthcare employees, by simply having pay deposited into their bank accounts. Employees love skipping the trip to the bank, and it saves time and money for the employer. It also eliminates the problem of lost checks. Go a step further by using the Publish Pay Advice function, which allows employees to view their direct deposit pay stub online, anytime! Using direct deposit with the Publish Pay Advice function allows your company to process a paperless payroll.

Accounting Software and Payroll Software for Business. Accounting Program, Bookkeeping Software

Bilingual Check Stubs

If employees need to view their pay information in a language other than English, simply use the bilingual check stub option. You provide the translations, for as many languages as you need.

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Payroll for CenterPoint Accounting Software

Home healthcare agencies all over the U.S. are spending less time on payroll and more time on running their business. CenterPoint Payroll offers these Features and Many More:

  • Flexible Time Entry and Processing
  • eFiling Option
  • Direct Deposit Option