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CenterPoint Accounting Integration Partnership

Provide your customers accounting software they will love, while you focus on your own software application. Red Wing Software works along with you, as your partner to make the integration happen.

Building a future together.

Our partners receive the technology and resource tools necessary to grow their business and become more profitable. The opportunity to increase profits through higher margins, lead generation, sales assistance and training are all benefits our partners can expect to receive from Red Wing Software.

Why Partner with Red Wing Software and provide an accounting solution integration for your technology:

  • If you do not provide your own accounting solution, having a recommended solution to offer your clients will provide a competitive edge when selling to new clients.
  • Developing and maintaining your own accounting solution may not be cost-effective, or the main focus of your software solution. Accounting software requires extensive ongoing development resources to maintain.
  • If your accounting solution is old technology, it may be more cost-effective to partner with a company that already incorporates new technology, rather than investing in the development to replace your own legacy application.
  • You make money while investing little to no development.

Product Resellers:

You sell CenterPoint Accounting software to your clients and provide setup, training and support services. The associated annual CenterPoint Customer Care Membership allows your staff and customers direct access to the Red Wing Software support team. The Customer Care Membership also includes new version releases, tax table changes (for payroll) and technology upgrades. Options to share in the annual CenterPoint Customer Care Memberships fees are available with this partnership level.


You sell CenterPoint to your clients and turn over the setup, training and ongoing support services to the Red Wing Software support team. Red Wing Software sales staff can assist your staff in the sales process when needed.

Referral Partnership

Refer CenterPoint as the recommended accounting system to work with your application. A Red Wing Software Sales representative will work with the client through the sales process. Referral fees may be negotiated depending sales volume.

How Product Integration Works:

Integration with your accounting software-related system may be easier than you think. We work with partners in a variety of ways, based on their own needs and the needs of their customers:

  • CenterPoint Accounting offers built-in data import applications which allows for the importing of a wide variety of data, including accounts receivable transactions, general journal entries, employee records, and more.
  • API development tools are available for partners who wish to have more direct interfaces between the software applications.