Notes from the President

Ken Hilton - President Red Wing Software

Every day, we all make important decisions that affect how our business will operate, and those decisions determine the path we want the business to follow. The same holds true for our local, state, and national elections. You get to determine your community, region, and country’s direction by exercising your right and responsibility to vote.
These decisions can be difficult because of all the confusing messages we hear, but we need to sift through the noise and try to get to the facts. We must look past the bumper sticker messages and look at the underlying philosophy of the candidates. What direction do they want to take the community, country, and world? We need to ignore the pundits that try to tell us what a candidate means from their perspective. After an interview, speech, or debate, one way to do this is, change the channel to something non-political, and decide for yourself whether the candidate is the kind of leader you would like to see guiding their respective geographic area.
Remember, whether your candidate wins his/her race, or the opposition comes out victorious, know that you will get another chance to vote in two more years. However things turn out, there is not a better place in the world to call home.
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