What Our Customers have to Say - Carol Peck, EL-VI Farms LLC

Red Wing Software customer Carol Peck from EL-VI Farms LLC in Newark, New Jersey had some great things to say! Thanks so much Carol!

“We upgraded from Red Wing Payroll and AgCHEK Accounting software to CenterPoint Accounting and integrated Payroll in January 2012. At first, it seemed difficult to adapt to the different types of menus, and new terminology.

But now it is July, and I am so glad that we made the switch. It now takes only about 1 to 1.5 hours to process the payroll from start to finish, not counting downloading the hours from the time clocks. The post and print procedure in the payroll program works so smoothly in transitioning from employee paper checks to direct deposit pay advices. No longer do I have to process two complete pay runs like I did before purchasing the Direct Deposit module, and the pay run report has all the net pay amounts broken down by the amount and the bank account in which they are deposited. After a few glitches at first, it runs without any problems.

Also, being able to have multiple screens open at the same time allows me to retrieve information when needed, or to look up an account setup if I need clarification. I am constantly being interrupted at work with questions or requests, and it is so easy to switch to another screen to retrieve the information requested, and then return to the work in progress.

My heartfelt thanks to all the support staff at Red Wing Software. They are a very knowledgeable group of people, willing to help you through most any problem. I know that I can count on them to help when time is of the essence.”