Behind the Scenes - June 2017

  • Carole (Staff Accountant) is a member of the Goodhue County Sheriff's Posse. She and her Arabian gelding RTR Thunder Lord "Blackie" attended the local public library summer reading program kickoff.
  • Katrina (Administrative Assistant) and Ashley (Support Technician) took their girls to the Crayola Experience at Mall of America.
  • Larry (IT) and his kids ran in Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN. Larry and Ellie ran the half, and Marcus ran the full. A first for all of them.
  • Mike (Quality Assurance Manager) performed in a dad’s dance at his daughter’s (Kadence) dance recital. Bruno Mars was the theme of the dance.

Behind the Scenes- Red Wing Software's TC 10 Mile Team!

  • Katrina Nelson

    The only race I have ever done was a 5K three years ago in Rapid City, SD, and even that was a challenge for me. I had laughed at Stephanie when she first asked “Would you be interested in running a 10 mile race?” After thinking about it, I thought why not, I’ll give it a shot! I’ve been practicing running ever since then and have really surprised myself. It’s good to have goals (even if it’s a little out of your comfort zone) and keep pushing yourself for a better you. My main goal is to finish the race, without ending up in an ambulance. I am doing this race for my daughter, who is almost four, to show her that you can accomplish difficult goals if you put your mind to it! She has been my little coach. Thanks Coach Kyla!

  • Jill Fox

    I ran a half marathon last October and quit running after that. The TC 10 Mile has gotten me back into running. I enjoy lifting weights and going to classes at the Y but it feels great to get back to running. I will be doing a Ragnar Trail run in September and also completed the Spartan and 1/2 Tough Mudder this summer.

  • Rachel Glover

    Running is one of my favorite things to do for exercise! I love the friendships that I have formed through running groups! I've done a few other 10 mile races along with many 5ks. When this race came up it was another chance to run with a wonderful group of people and it's going to help this mama get back into shape after welcoming our beautiful daughter in July!

  • Stephanie Elsen

    I have run two marathons in the past, and am excited to run this 10 mile race because I want to get back into running. The only running I’ve done for the past few years is to the fridge while watching Netflix. It feels good to be getting back to it – when I started training for this race I could barely run a block without stopping, and I just ran six miles this past weekend. It’s a little bit harder now that I am 47, but I am loving it anyway!

  • Kathryn Zielski

    I'm excited to be running the TC 10 Mile with the Red Wing Software team this year! I consider myself a reluctant runner... I do not love it, but it's the most efficient workout I've found. I go in spurts and have run Grandma's half marathon twice, and the TC 10 Mile two years ago. I haven't run much in the past year, so this has been a good motivator to get started again. Hopefully, I make it to the finish line on October 9th!

  • Lizz Hilton

    I ran consistently in college and within the past two years have started running again. I usually do not participate in organized events as I run not only for exercise but also as a form of relieving stress. I have never run farther than eight miles at a time so I figured this would be a great challenge and motivator to get out of my normal routine. I plan on running the Ragnar Trail Run next year with the company I am employed with.

  • Behind the Scenes - June 2016

    • Julie's (Sales Consultant) son Joey graduated from Augustana College in Rock Island, IL. He was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, graduated Cum Laude and voted “Most Inspirational” by his track teammates. Celebrating in the picture with him is brother Jackson, two cousins, and Julie.
    • Tony (Programming) has two goals for this summer:
      1. To wear pants as infrequently as possible (i.e. shorts only).
      2. To not put the roof back on the Jeep until Halloween coincidentally, his dogs, Arthur and Bertie have the same goals.
    • Mark (Business Development) has been happily keeping busy with grandkids’ activities:
      • Alissa was awarded MVP of her high school softball team; she was also a team co-captain.
      • Ronan caught his first fish while in his pajama pants. He was in a hurry to get fishing.
      • Seager caught nine keepers for a fish fry later in the day.
      • Jeremiah Jr. wrestled in the state regional tournament.
    • Jada’s (Support Technician) daughter Ava is part of Universal Music Center, who recently performed at the city of Red Wing’s "Concert in the Park" series. Ava shared both her singing and guitar talents.
    • Cori (Quality Assurance) and Ryan's (Marketing) daughter Maggie celebrated her first birthday last month. The cake was a hit!

    Behind the Scenes - April 2016

    • Stephanie (Marketing) has been helping teach a class of high school students how to build and market an app. Mark’s (Support Technician) son Caleb (second in from the left) and Stephanie’s son Luke (second in from the right) were a part of the group. The group competed against teams of seasoned app builders, at the Red Wing Ignite Cup, an app building competition, and came in a close 2nd and have been encouraged to apply for the Minnesota Cup competition.
    • Roxie (Administration) and her husband enjoyed a vacation to California, visiting relatives, beaches and just taking time to smell the roses!
    • Jayme (Support Technician) and friends had a relaxing vacation in Ixtapa, Mexico.
    • Jada’s (Support Technician) son, Lane, attended the AMA National Champion Banquet in Ohio. He received two awards - 1st Place in the 50 Class and 3rd Place in the 85 Class for Youth Motorcycle Hillclimbing.