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“I am very happy that our municipal organization made the choice to upgrade our accounting and payroll software to CenterPoint Fund Accounting Software and CenterPoint Payroll…I recommend any municipal looking for fund accounting and payroll software to take a look at CenterPoint.”

Mary Wiles
City of Highland, AR

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Fund Accounting Software for Nonprofit Accounting

Fund accounting for nonprofits with a price tag that won′t break your budget.

CenterPoint Fund Accounting Software is a versatile and affordable fund accounting and payroll software system that gives you the tools you need to take total control of your nonprofit financial management.

  • Track Fund Sources & Expenditures
  • Track Unlimited Funds / Grants
  • Drill down to Original Source Entries
  • Departmental Reporting
  • Open Invoice Tracking
  • Budget vs. Actual variance reporting
  • Manage purchases and requisitions
  • Custom Reporting
  • Unlimited Customers & Vendors

All this PLUS other featured and standard accounting and payroll functionality.

What issues are you facing ?

We need to get information out of our system that our current system will not allow.
CenterPoint Fund Accounting Software makes it easy for you to pull out the information you want to see by allowing you to create and save your own custom reports. Drill- down to original source transactions can be done right from report preview, and changes can be also be made if necessary, automatically creating an audit trail.
The basic, generic accounting software we are using cannot handle our specific fund accounting / nonprofit accounting needs.
If you have outgrown your generic accounting software package, you may be ready for CenterPoint Fund Accounting Software, which offers tools made specifically for nonprofits. Track and report on multiple funds in multiple time frames, create and manage budgets, maximize grants, create your own chart of accounts, and more.
Our system cannot handle budgeting and information tracking by department and fund.
CenterPoint Fund Accounting Software contains all of the accounting functionality needed to budget by individual fund or multiple funds, like state, federal, grants and more. The software allows for an unlimited number of funds. Budget figures can be maintained by fund, by department, or by program, giving executive directors or business managers the information they need to quickly compare their actual spending to the budget.

CenterPoint Fund Accounting Key Features

Click on key feature title for more detail.

In-depth Fund Accounting
Fund accounting software users and nonprofit organizations will find the budgeting and reporting process to be particularly strong and easy to customize to their own needs.
Purchase Order Module
Manage purchases and requisitions. Standard or custom reports help users monitor all orders and the appropriate quantities for purchased items. Purchase orders can be easily produced, modified and received and receipt of a purchase order automatically creates an accounts payable transaction for that vendor.
Integrated Payroll
The unique payroll features CenterPoint are evident within the employee setup function in the software. Employees can work for more than one fund and are able to get a single W-2. Taxable wages from all funds are reported on a single 941, simplifying your tax filing processes and saving you time.
New Technology
CenterPoint is built with the latest technology including Microsoft® Visual C#®, and is a .NET Framework-based application, ensuring compatibility as your nonprofit grows.
Reports Tailored to Your Needs

Customizable reporting in CenterPoint allows you to share your information by exporting your data to a spreadsheet, word processing and other popular formats.

Combine or separate departments within a report--CenterPoint has the ability to compare variances between actual data and the percent of the annual budget that has already been used.

Recommended System Specifications
  • Operating System: 32–bit or 64–bit* Windows® 7 Professional or Windows 8 Professional
  • Processor speed: 2.5 GHz or higher
  • Memory (RAM):4 GB
  • Hard Drive space: 1+ GB free
  • Monitor: Monitor with at least 1024 x 768 screen resolution
  • Prerequisites: Microsoft® Windows .NET Framework 4.5, Microsoft Internet Explorer® 10 (All prerequisites are included with the CenterPoint CD)

Note: The requirements listed above are recommendations for efficient system functionality and do not outline the minimum system requirements. CenterPoint will run on lower system specifications than outlined above. Systems that are lower than the recommendation will operate, but system efficiency may decline.

Note: CenterPoint uses Microsoft® SQL Server® and is compatible with SQL Server 2005 and newer. For security and performance reasons, it is not recommended that Microsoft SQL Server be installed on a Domain Controller. Red Wing Software will not assist in the installation and configuration of SQL Server on a Domain Controller.

Advance to CenterPoint Fund Accounting Software

If you are a Red Wing Software current customer and would like to learn more about advancing to CenterPoint Fund Accounting Software, we have several options available for you!

Online Product Demonstrations — Register Now

This live, free, one hour online demonstration will give you an introduction to our CenterPoint Fund Accounting Software. You will learn how to “get started” in CenterPoint and learn the benefits of the software and how to implement them into your operation.

How2 Viewer — Visit Now

The How2 Viewer is a tool developed by Red Wing Software to provide you with an online reference guide that will make it easier for you to learn new processes in your accounting program. The viewer includes training videos, task specific instructions and complete training manuals.

If you are a current Red Wing Software customer with an active Customer Care Membership, you can access to the How2 Viewer by logging on to our Web site and then clicking the “Visit Now” link above.

Training Opportunities — Visit Now

Check out the recently expanded variety of training support options available to you after you make the switch to CenterPoint Fund Accounting Software, including Web-based training, self-paced training, in program help and personalized training sessions, all provided by Red Wing Software University.

To speak with a Red Wing Software representative for more information or to learn what will transfer from your current program to CenterPoint Accounting, please call 800-732-9464 or e-mail sales@redwingsoftware.com.


Red Wing Software offers competitive pricing for exceptional value and service. Because we want to ensure you are getting the products you need for your nonprofit, we provide customized quotes after understanding your needs. This process allows you to save time and feel more confident your needs are being met. To obtain a pricing quote and needs analysis for your nonprofit, please call 800-732-9464.

Products Recommended by
Red Wing Software for use with CenterPoint Fund Accounting

* indicates product directly interfaces with CenterPoint Fund Accounting

Checks and Forms
Integrated Payroll

Computer Forms Incorporated

Get checks and forms to print right the first time without the hassle.

Computer Forms Incorporated is the preferred vendor for checks and forms compatible with CenterPoint Fund Accounting Software. For more information click on the link below.

In need of promotional items for your business? Computer Forms Incorporated is your one stop shopping source for promotional products, apparel, giveaways, awards, incentives and more.

Visit their Web site at redwing.computerforms.biz

CenterPoint Payroll

To best serve our customers CenterPoint Fund Accounting now integrates with CenterPoint Payroll, our newest payroll software. Centerpoint Payroll is designed to streamline your payroll processes, saving your company both time and money. To find out more about our payroll software, visit the CenterPoint Payroll page.

Click Here to visit the CenterPoint Payroll page.


Red Wing Software does not guarantee, nor offer technical support, for third-party products unless otherwise specified.



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