CenterPoint® Accounting for Agriculture - Record an Unusable Piece of Check Stock

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Use this process if you have a check that was destroyed before ever entering it in the system, so you don't have a gap in check sequence numbers. For example, if a piece of check stock was accidentally destroyed by coffee or water before it was used, but you still want record of that check number in the system.

This same process can be used if a handwritten check was voided prior to it being entered into the system.

Note: This is an optional process and only needs to be followed if your business prefers to have a list of all check numbers in the system.

Record/Void an Unusable Piece of Check Stock

  1. Select Processes > Purchases > Payments.

  1. In the Company/Fund box, enter the company/fund name that the unusable check was for.
  2. In the Bank Account box, enter the bank account that the unusable check was for. The current balance of the bank account as of the most recent open period selected for this payment transaction displays.
  3. CenterPoint does require you to specify a name in the Pay to the Order Of field. We recommend you setup a vendor that will only be used to record unusable checks and invoices. Select the Unusable Forms vendor.
Note: If you do not have a vendor setup for this, right-click in the Pay to the Order of box and select New. In the Abbreviation box, enter Void or Unusable. In the Name box, enter Voided Unusable Forms, and then click Save.
  1. Leave the Amount box at 0.00.
  2. In the Check Number box, enter the unusable check number.
  3. In the Date box, enter the date you are voiding the unusable check on.
  4. Enter a description of why the check was unusable in the Memo Line 1 field. This step is optional.
  5. In the Account box found in the grid, select the bank account used in step 3.
  6. Leave the Amount box as 0.00.
  7. If you are using the Notation field in the grid, again enter the description of why the check was unusable. This step is optional.
Note: If you want to attach a document to this transaction, see the Attach Documents to Transactions topic for detailed information.
  1. Click Save.

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