CenterPoint® Payroll - Void Payroll Checks or Entire Pay Runs

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Void Checks in payroll is used to reverse individual pay checks or to void an entire pay run. The void process reverses the original transaction including the employee's net pay check and any accounts payable invoices posted for taxes or deductions. The pay check can be re-entered by processing a new pay run. The same dates and check numbers can be used on the re-entered pay check.

Void a Pay Run/Paycheck

  1. On the Processes menu, click Pay Employees or on the Processes menu, point to Payroll, and then click Pay Employees.

  1. Click Void Checks.

  1. In the Pay Run box, enter the pay run from which you want to void checks, or click the lookup button , select the pay run from which you want to void checks, and then click OK.
  2. Select the check(s) that you want to void from the pay run. Click Select All to select all checks in the pay run. Click Deselect All to remove all of the selections.
Note: The Void Payroll Checks list can be sorted by clicking on a column header. The column that the list is sorted on will display with an * in the column header.
Note: If a pay run included an employee who received a direct deposit advice and a check, the Check # column will include both the direct deposit advice and check number. Both will be voided using this process.
  1. Click Void.
  2. At the Void the Selected Checks? message, click Yes.
  3. If there are published pay advices associated with employee check(s) or a pay run being voided, a message displays asking if the published advices should be removed.
  4. Click OK. A progress bar will display that visually indicates the length of the void process.
  5. If no additional checks or pay runs need to be voided, click Cancel to close the Void Payroll Checks window.

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