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CenterPoint has a feature called reminders that allows you to have the system remind you of certain events. These reminders can be things like “Backup Database,” “Remind when Account Payable are Due,” and “Tell me when an account balance gets to a certain level.”  This preference allows you to determine how and how often you want to check for reminders.

  1. Select FilePreferencesGeneral > Reminders.

  2. Select the Application tab.

  3. Under Reminder Manager Options, select the appropriate options:

    • Launch on Database Open – Allows you to see which reminders are due each time the database is first opened. The options are Never, Always, and Only When Tasks are Due.
    • Check for New Reminders – Allows you to set up whether or not you want CenterPoint to continue to check for new reminders while you work in the program. The options are either Yes or No.  If Yes is selected, you can also set the frequency at which you want the CenterPoint to check for new reminders.