Red Wing Cloud Services Security

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Red Wing Software offers the ability to run CenterPoint and store CenterPoint databases on the cloud. This opens the question of security, as users realize that the information being accessed and stored on the cloud is sensitive in nature. Security is however, a multi-facetted topic that includes passwords, data protection, environment support, backups and restores, and nightly scheduled maintenance.

General Web Security

  • SSL Protocol– Access to the Red Wing Cloud Service website forces an HTTPS secure connection between the client (browser instance) and the web server. This protocol creates an encrypted key relationship with the client, encrypting the stream of information versus plain text. All communication is encrypted with 2048 bit encryption.


  • When Red Wing Cloud Services are accessed from a web browser at You will be required to enter a user@company (login) and Password given to you by Red Wing Software. Upon first login, users will be required to reset their password.

Note: This is NOT the CenterPoint database login and password.

  • Red Wing Cloud Service passwords expire every 60 days. Passwords must be at least 8 characters, include at least one uppercase character, and cannot contain the account owner's name.
  • CenterPoint database security is recommended as an additional security level for databases when using Red Wing Cloud Services.

Note: Logging into the cloud and logging into your databases requires two separate login credentials.

Data Protection

  • Red Wing Software is partnering with a nationally known hosting provider.
  • Each customer has it's own separate SQL instance. Each instance is accessible only by users from that company.
  • A limited number of Red Wing Software Technical Support representatives have access to the hosted environment and none of the Red Wing Software Technical Support representatives can run your instance of CenterPoint or has access to your data.
  • The Red Wing Cloud environment lies behind multiple firewalls.
  • Data deletion policies and procedures are in place.
  • Data recovery plan exists.
  • SAS70 protocols and procedures are used.

Environment Support

Data Center

  • 24 hour authorized access only.
  • Monitored 24/7/365 (video surveillance and security guard).
  • Biometric scanning, badge/mantrap entry.


  • Multiple facility-based UPS systems.
  • N+l facility-based UPS system.
  • Power back-up generators (tested monthly).


  • HVAC cooling system.
  • Temperature and humidity alarms.

Disaster Recovery Backup and Restore

All data is handled by Red Wing Software's hosted partner's employees only.

  • Backups are performed on a nightly basis.

Note: You can back up your data at any time from within CenterPoint.

  • Two full weeks of backups are saved.
  • Backup tapes are brought off site daily and kept in a fire safe.


  • A typical restore can be accomplished within 24-72 hours from the time of a request.

Note: You can restore your data at any time from within CenterPoint.

  • A cost is associated with this service.

Nightly Scheduled Maintenance

  • The standard maintenance window is from 11:00 pm to 1:00 am Central Time.
  • It is recommended that users do not log in during this time window. You may have limited access and experience interruption in service.
  • Extended maintenance may be necessary on occasion and Red Wing Software will communicate the nature and length of the maintenance.