CenterPoint Payroll - Enter Beginning Leave Balances (Step 2)  

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Document #: 3006 Product: CenterPoint Payroll


No matter when you begin your CenterPoint Payroll program, you are likely to have employees that have paid leave accumulated, but not yet taken. The beginning balances for leave should be entered with a mass leave adjustment. Follow the two-step procedure below to calculate beginning balances and adjust those balances for hours already used by employees.

Note: Prior to starting this process, all Leave setup (Paid Leave Earning, Leave Categories, Leave Setup, assign Leave to Employer and Employees) must be complete. Additional documentation is available to walk you through the Leave setup process.

Step A - Calculate Starting Leave Balances:

  1. Select Processes > Calculate Paid Leave or Processes > Payroll > Calculate Paid Leave.

  2. In the Calculation Date box, enter the date you want to start accruing leave in CenterPoint Payroll.

  3. Select the appropriate Employer.

  4. In the Category box, select a leave category you want to accrue leave for. You will need to run this process for each leave category (for example; Vacation, PTO, etc) that requires beginning balances.

  1. The options available in the Calculation Information area will depend on how this leave was originally setup. Select the appropriate option for your company.

  2. Click Calculate. The screen will be filled with all of your employees who are assigned to the leave category you selected in Step 4.

  3. Click Save and OK.

  4. Repeat this process for each Leave that should have beginning balances.

Step B - Adjust Beginning Leave Balances for Hours Already Used:

  1. Once you know what hours have been calculated for the employees you can adjust the hours to reflect used or past carryover. Select Processes > Mass Leave Adjustments or Processes > Payroll > Mass Leave Adjustments.

  2. In the Leave box, select the leave you want to make adjustments for. 
  3. In the Employer box, select the employer you want to make adjustments for.
  4. In the Date box, enter the date you want to start accruing leave in CenterPoint (this date should be the same as the date you entered on the Calculate Paid Leave screen.
  5. In the Adjustments box, enter a negative number of hours for the amount of leave used this year for each employee. If needed, a positive adjustment can be entered to reflect available time carried over from past years.
  6. In the Comment/Note box, enter a comment specifying why the adjustment was needed
Note: After entering the note you wish to use, highlight the entire notation with your mouse. Press CTRL + C on the keyboard to copy the notation. On the next employees Comment/Note field, press CTRL + V to paste the same notation.
  1. Click Apply. The Available column should now reflect the amount of Leave that was accrued prior to starting CenterPoint Payroll. For future years, the carryover amounts will automatically carryover.
  2. Repeat this process for each Leave that has been carried over to CenterPoint Payroll.

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