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Owners and operators represent individuals that control either the ownership or the operation of the production. An owner/operator may be an owner of some of the production and at the same time an operator for other production. An owner/operator is an individual or company that shares a percentage of the production or is paid rent in lieu of shares of the production. After you install the Crop or Livestock modules, one default owner/operator is created for each company in your database. Transactions are only created for those owners/operators that are associated with a company in the database. However, total production totals may be maintained for owners/operators that are not associated with a company in the database. Inventory can optionally be maintained for those owner/operators that are associated with a company in the same database. in inventory cannot be maintained for owners/operators that are only associated with a name. A company is required to maintain inventory. If an owner/operator is associated with both a name and a company, only the company portion can maintain an inventory. To create a new or edit an existing owner/operator, follow the Create or Change Owners and Operators procedure.

Create or Change Owners and Operators 

  1. Select Setup > Profit/Production Centers > Crop or Livestock Owner Operators.
  2. To edit an owner/operator, select the owner/operator, and then click Edit.
  3. To create a new owner/operator, click New.
  4. Under Detail Information, in the Abbreviation box, enter an optional abbreviation for this owner/operator.
  5. In the Name box, enter the name of the owner/operator.
  6. If this name is an owner, select the Owner check box. If the name is an operator, select the Operator check box. If the name is both an owner and an operator, select the Owner and the Operator check boxes.
Note: Maintaining inventory is optional. For example, if this is a crop you are selling directly from the field, you will not want to maintain inventory. You can select a company even though you do not maintain inventory.

Inventory is generally maintained with livestock. An exception might be a raised livestock operation where the same number of head on the farm is basically consistent at any given time. An example is a furrow to finish hog operation where hogs are born and sold every month. In this case you might create inventory balances for the different weight groups but not reduce inventory on sales and increase inventory with new livestock production.

  1. If this production has an owner/operator that is a company in this database, select the company in the Company box under Owner/Operator company information.
  2. Click Save.

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