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Sell Raised Crops Directly from the Field Video - Duration: 7 min 02 sec

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The sale of raised crops directly from the field are recorded in CenterPoint using a process similar to selling it from inventory. The difference is the template used on the transaction. When selling from the field, the Sell Crops from Field template will be used so that CenterPoint does not deduct the amounts from an inventory account. In addition, the quantities sold will update the production information in the Crop Production Center Details.

Create a Sell Crops From Field Template (One-time Setup)

Sell Raised Crop from the Field

Create a Sell Crops From Field Template (One-Time Setup)

  1. Select Setup > General > Data Entry Templates.

  1. Select the DT - Increase Revenue template and click Copy. Enter Sell Crops from Field as the Name.
  2. Click on the Detail tab.

  1. Click on the Advanced button.

  1. Select the Adjust Production Quantities box and click OK.
  2. Click on the + next to Income in the Journal Entry Detail box on the left.
  3. Select Production Detail. On the Properties section on the right, change the Required field to Yes.

Note: This data is required to update the production information in the Crop Production Center Details.

  1. Click Save.

Sell Raised Crop from the Field

The sale of raised crops from the field can be recorded using either a Receipt or a Customer Invoice (A/R) transaction. In our example, we'll be recording the sale with a Receipt transaction.

EXAMPLE: CenterPoint Farms sold 400 bales of hay directly from the field to Louise Arnold. The hay was sold at a price of $3.00 per bale.
  1. Select Processes > Sales > Receipts or Processes > Sales > Customer Invoice (A/R).
  2. Enter the appropriate information in the Company, Bank Account, Received From, Date, Amount and Check/Ref# fields.

  1. In the Account field, select the appropriate revenue account.
  2. Specify the quantity sold in the Quantity 1 field.
  3. Click on the Details button. Change the Current Template to Sell Crops from Field.

  1. Specify the applicable Production Center Detail. Selecting the Production Center Detail automatically updates the profit center, production center, production year, and production series fields from what was assigned in that production center detail. This information also automatically updates the Crop Production Detail reports.
  2. Click OK.
  3. At the main Receipt screen, click Save to complete the transaction.

Posting the sale increases the revenue account and offsets with cash. In addition, the selected production center detail's Total Production Information was increased in SetupProfit/Production Centers > Crop Production Center Details.

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