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Billing statements are sent to customers as a way to communicate the activity on their account and the amount they currently owe you. If finance charges will be charged on a customer's account, they should be calculated prior to printing statements.

Statements will be printed for customers who have:

  • An outstanding balance that meets the criteria given in the Billing Statements Report Selections.

Printing Statements

  1. Select Processes > Sales > Billing Statements.
  2. Select the option that works best for your company/fund:
    • Billing Statements (Plain Paper)- This is the most commonly used billing statement. It provides a statement that can be printed on plain paper.
    • Billing Statements (Preprinted): This report is designed to be printed on a preprinted form. The labels for most fields are not printed as they are expected to be included on the preprinted form.
  3. On the right, specify the appropriate Billing Statement Selections for your farm. We've identified below a number of the most commonly used selections. Click the More Items button to see additional report selection options if the option is not displayed in your displayed Billing Statement Selections.

  • Transactions Dates: Although any date range can specified, normally the current month or prior month will be selected. All transactions (invoices and payments) with a transaction date that falls in that range will be displayed. All other unpaid invoices prior to that date will also be included in the statement. Transactions AFTER that date will not be included in the statement. The "to" date will be used as the Billing Statement Date on printed statements.
  • Outstanding Balance: This option allows you to decide who will receive statements; all customers, those who have a positive balance, or those who have a negative balance.
  • If you select Positive Balance in the Outstanding Balance field, you can then further limit who receives a statement by using the Balances Greater Than field. For example, if you only want to send billing statements to customers with a positive balance higher than $5.00, you would enter a 5 in Balances Greater Than.
  • Aged Balances: Normally used if you want to send statements only to those customers that have past due balances.
  • Selecting Yes in Show Invoice Detail will change the way invoices are printed on the statement. In addition to the summary line for each invoice, the line item details from each transaction will also be printed.
Note: If Show Invoice Detail is not a Report Selection on your screen, click More Items and select Show Invoice Detail.
  • Payments received during the specified transaction dates will be included. If you would also like to list which invoices the payments were applied to, select Yes in Show Payment Detail.
  • Message: This option will display a blank box to type a message into. Up to three lines of message text will print the width of the billing statement just above the aging information at the bottom of the statement.
  • Sort Order: This option is used to sort your printed billing statements by Customer (First Last), Customer (Last First), or Abbreviation.
  • Header Text: This option allows you to enter text that will print as a row at the bottom of the header.
  1. Click Preview or E-mail/Print. You can preview billing statements that will be printed or e-mailed.
  2. If you clicked E-mail/Print, the Email Billing Statements screen displays with the preferences set in File > Preferences > Email Setup > Billing Statements but can be changed. The e-mail default settings and provider must first be setup in File > Preferences > Email Setup > Email Setup prior to e-mailing billing statements.
  3. Click Continue. The system will determine which customers' billing statements will print and which will be emailed. If there are customers that have printed billing statements, a screen will display for you to select the printer to print the billing statements to.
  4. A progress bar displays and will display E-mailing when e-mails are being processed and Printing when billing statements are being printed.

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