Employee Spotlight -Tony Crawford

Hi, I am Tony, and I have worked at Red Wing Software since just before the Twins won their last World Series in 1991. My job is to write software and thereby keep QA busy. I strive to write code that somebody just out of college could understand, but I don’t succeed as often as I’d like. I also enjoy making sense of data, usually through reports. I like to read, travel, and write more code when I’m not working. My wife and I just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. During our married life, Red Wing Software allowed me to keep my job while we moved from Minnesota to London, New York, Amsterdam, and now beautiful Bucks County, PA. I collect old maps and useless facts about the origins of words, both of which do not lend themselves to engaging dinner conversation. After many years of being dilettantes, some friends and I are working on getting our sommelier certifications, partly as an excuse to try new wines but mainly as an excuse to go to Italy for the final test.
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