CenterPoint Remove Transaction History Service Available

Red Wing Software is now offering a service to remove transaction history from your CenterPoint database(s) for any number of fiscal years and keep your beginning balances, outstanding payables, and receivables. Here are some reasons why you might want to remove transaction history.
The SQL Express database is approaching the 10 GB Microsoft SQL Express database limit. (SQL Express is the default version installed on CenterPoint systems).
Remove history that exceeds statutory retention requirements.
After removing transaction history, you can clean up master files without history. (Master files include Customers, Vendors, Employees, Projects, Profit Centers, etc.).
In some cases, there will be improved performance.
Normally, Red Wing Software can perform the remove transaction history service in an afternoon and get the database back to you by noon the next day. It may take longer if your database contains three or more companies. The service is offered at no charge to customers.
If you are using SQL Express, and your system contains 8GB or more of history, or you simply notice a system slow down, you may want to consider having transaction history removed.
To check the size of your database in CenterPoint, please follow these steps.
Select Help > About.
Select the Server information tab.
To determine the size of the database, look at the DB Size column.
Please call Red Wing Software at 800-732-9464 to schedule an appointment. You can also inquire by email at
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