Employee Spotlight - Larry Warrington

My name is Larry Warrington, and I am IT Manager here at Red Wing Software. It’s my job to make everyone at Red Wing Software as efficient and effective as possible by giving them the tools they need to do their job. I have worked for Red Wing Software for over 25 years and have been around the company in some form since the 1980s through other family working here. My wife and I grew up in Red Wing, and after going to school and living around the state, we came back to town to live when I took the job here. We have two grown children that we raised here in Red Wing.
When I am not working, I am very involved in our local mountain bike club. I was a board member for years, I have organized races, and when not riding, I spend my free time building and maintaining mountain bike trails. This past summer, I helped with a youth mountain bike class that the club ran. The class offered young riders a chance to learn bike handling skills and introduced them to the local trails. It was fun to watch them become better riders and have a blast on their bike. I really enjoy the exercise and the time in the woods that mountain biking provides. It’s my happy place!
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