Notes from the President

Ken Hilton - President Red Wing Software

Fall is in the air, and students are back in school. In this newsletter, I’ve mentioned how important I think it is to get continuing education regularly. I recently attended a financial standards meeting, where I get updated annually on changes in recordkeeping and reporting recommendations. I typically attend three or four similar meetings yearly to stay current and/or learn new things.
At Red Wing Software, we offer several ways to stay current on changes to our software or learn how to use the features that may be new to you. We offer on-site consulting, over-the-phone one-on-one training, educational videos, and live web sessions. All these options are listed on our website, so you can take advantage of whatever method works best for you. And, of course, your individual questions can be answered immediately by calling our friendly and knowledgeable support staff.
Whatever option you choose for continuing education, whether on Red Wing Software products or other aspects of your business, you should set aside some time to stay current with your business tools and learn new ways to improve your business.
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