Red Wing Software Releases CenterPoint Time Clock Web Version 3.0

Red Wing Software announces the release of CenterPoint Time Clock web version 3.0. This update includes many new enhancements to make the CenterPoint Time Clock experience better for payroll administrators, supervisors and employees.
Time entry is faster and more accurate for employees with the ability to set default pay entry information, rather than selecting from a list each day.
View only the time cards you want to see with date filters that can be set, by default, to an activity range of your choice.
Supervisors can now add notes when approving or denying time-off requests and time.
Process payroll without interruption by allowing alternate supervisors to approve time cards and time-off requests in the absence of an employee's regular supervisor.
Easily register, one time, across multiple payroll services (Publish Pay Advices, CenterPoint Employee Portal, and CenterPoint Time Clock).
To view the entire list of enhancements for CenterPoint Time Clock web version 3.0, please click here
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