Notes from the President

Ken Hilton - President Red Wing Software

Normally I would leave program tips to the experts in our Technical Support department who know much more about the software than I do. However, I understand that sometimes, as users, we might find our options a bit overwhelming. For example, the version of CenterPoint I use has ten income statements. Each income statement displays information differently and is extremely customizable. How do I remember which one gives me the information I’m regularly looking for?
If I’m having trouble finding one that meets my needs, the first step is to call the Red Wing Software Technical Support department. I can explain what I’m after; they can guide me to the correct report, and then help me modify it if necessary. After the report is the way I like it, I can add it to my list of favorite reports and easily find it whenever I need it.
If the Income Statement is a report I frequently use to analyze my business activity (which it should be in all businesses), I can add it to the Quick List and access the report with a single click. The Support team can help with this process as well. No more hunting around for information I use regularly. I have a Quick List tab containing all the functions I use throughout the day and can easily get to all my input screens and reports.
The Quick List is just one example of how CenterPoint can be customized for easier use, and how our Support team can help make your day go a little smoother.
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