Notes from the President

Ken Hilton - President Red Wing Software

Last month I mentioned visiting with a customer looking for functionality that would make CenterPoint® Payroll software work better for their operation. In a meeting following that visit, our internal team that looks at new functionality at a high level discussed what we could do to encourage our customers to use our services to help them better use our products. Also, why are some people reluctant to call and ask questions when looking for functionality or have a question?
We stepped back and looked at customer service from a view outside Red Wing Software and came up with some thoughts and experiences of our own.
One team member commented that it took “forever” to get to a live person when trying to resolve an issue with an insurance company. Unfortunately, this happens so often that people have come to expect a bad customer service experience, and they are reluctant to put themselves through the agony of calling for help. At Red Wing Software, live support team members take more than 95% of all support calls as they come in without a call-back or a long wait time, and 100% of callers have immediate access to a live person during business hours.
Another popular excuse for poor customer service when calling for assistance, especially from large multi-national companies over the last several months, has been the lingering pandemic. I understand this has put a strain on many companies. However, when it comes to customer service provided primarily by phone, if a relatively small business, like Red Wing Software, can seamlessly transition to a work-from-home business model, why can’t a multi-national company with seemingly unlimited resources do the same? To steal a quote from our current president; “C’mon man.”
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for help with our products or suggestions that will make our software better. Of course, if you prefer to not talk to a live person, we’ll still be happy to provide excellent customer service, if you send us an email.
On behalf of Red Wing Software, I hope everyone had/has a safe Canada Day and Independence Day.
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