Notes from the President

Ken Hilton - President Red Wing Software

Occasionally, I get the opportunity to visit some of our customers’ locations and discuss how they use our software and what they might like to see in the software to make it a better fit for their operation. Recently, Matt (Red Wing Software Sales Consultant) and I toured Tomatoes of Ruskin in Florida and had the pleasure of meeting with the people that use our software daily.
Tomatoes of Ruskin grows and packages tomatoes for wholesale distribution. They have been using CenterPoint Payroll for about eight years and had not recently had much contact with our support team. When we questioned them about not calling in for help, they enthusiastically indicated that the software was working so well that they didn’t need any help. We asked what we could do to make their payroll process better, and they mentioned an employee copy function that used to work better for them and was changed in an update about two years ago. To make a long story short, we drilled down a little, found that we had changed that functionality in a prior release. So, we came back and entered a new change request in our internal tracking software to reintroduce that functionality so they would have the option to use it like it previously worked.
The only other request they had was to have the ability to reconcile bank accounts within CenterPoint Payroll, and they were unaware that was already available. So, we showed them where they could access that functionality in the software. We like the questions with easy answers.
I mention these requests to bring up another point. Whenever you, our customers, would like to see changes or new functionality in our software, we encourage you to call or send an email with your suggestions. You certainly are not bothering us with your ideas. The best way for us to make our products better is to hear those ideas from you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your thoughts. While we can’t promise everything, we continually work to make our software better.
I want to thank the folks at Tomatoes of Ruskin for allowing us to interrupt their busy day, give us an excellent tour of their operation, and help us learn more about how people are putting our software to work.
I hope everyone enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend while remembering those who served our country to keep us safe and free.
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