Red Wing Payroll 2020 Form 941 Information

NOTE: This notification is for the Red Wing Software legacy product, which is called Red Wing Payroll (or Red Wing Windows Payroll). This notification is NOT in reference to CenterPoint Payroll, which is the current payroll system offered by Red Wing Software.
The 2020 Form 941 through our Aatrix tax forms software is now available. However, due to technology limitations, Red Wing Payroll cannot automatically fill out the 2020 Form 941 with the CARES Act COVID-19 information. CARES Act COVID-19 information will need to be manually added to the 941, in Aatrix, if applicable to your situation.
Each business and its CARES Act choices will be different. For information about your specific situation, contact your accountant or CPA, or see the following links:
IRS Coronavirus Tax Relief -
IRS Frequently Asked Questions -
Government Response to Coronavirus, COVID-19 -
Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Questions and Answers -
How the Treasury Department is Taking Action -
Form 941 Instructions -
Form 7200 Instructions -
CenterPoint Payroll supports the setup of COVID-19 paid leave, the automatic update of the 2020 941 Form, and offers specific reporting associated with the CARES Act. To make the transition to CenterPoint Payroll, please contact the Red Wing Software Sales department or email for additional information.


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