COVID-19 Pandemic: How can Red Wing Software Help You?

During these challenging and unprecedented times, all businesses and organizations have endured sudden and unexpected changes. Red Wing Software is dedicated to providing the service you’ve become accustomed to for your accounting and payroll software. Below we have outlined some of the ways we can continue to help in these uncertain times.
Working from Home – Red Wing Cloud Services
If you and/or your employees need to work from home, and you are using a CenterPoint product, Red Wing Software Cloud Services are available to you. We understand that moving to the cloud may be temporary during the pandemic. While there is a charge for the hosting service, our staff will help you move to the hosted service at no additional charge. Then when/if you’re ready to move back to the locally installed platform, we will help you, also at no additional cost. Please note that the program is exactly the same whether it is used in the cloud or installed. As for Red Wing Software, all employees are equipped to work from home and are currently doing so. This has enabled us to provide uninterrupted service to customers while staying within safety guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Other Features and Products
Here are some other features already included within CenterPoint, as well as add-on products, that can help with social distancing, and reducing the need to handle paper.
Email Statements and Invoices
Rather than printing and mailing or handing someone an invoice or a statement, set up your system to have them emailed instead. (This functionality is included in all CenterPoint accounting products.)
CenterPoint Online Time Clock
For use with CenterPoint Payroll, it enables employees and supervisors to enter time online and request time-off from any web-enabled device where the internet is available. Time entry and time off requests can be made from a personal computer or mobile device.
Direct Deposit
Securely deposit your employees’ payroll to their personal bank accounts, eliminating the need for printed checks.
Publish Pay Advices
Employees who receive direct deposit can view an electronic statement of their pay, on a secure website, eliminating the need for paper advices to be distributed.
We wish you and your employees good health during these difficult times, and we are here to help in whatever way we can.
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