Notes from the President

Ken Hilton - President Red Wing Software

I am a firm believer in the value of continuing education. I’m not necessarily saying everyone should go back to school and get an advanced degree. What I am talking about is getting little snippets of knowledge from a wide variety of sources.
It might be a few minutes in an internal meeting where someone in your organization can share something they recently learned that helped them be more efficient in their job. It could be an hour-long webinar from an industry expert, many times offered at little or no cost. Maybe it’s spending time reading a book about your area of expertise. Or, you might spend a day or two, perhaps even an entire week at an advanced classroom training learning about the latest advances in your industry. My personal goal is to get 40 hours of continuing education every year using a variety of sources.
I know you’re thinking, “I don’t have time to waste away from my regular job duties.” I would almost guarantee, in a short amount of time, you will learn something that saves you more time in your day than you spent on the continuing education exercise. Whenever someone tells me they don’t have time to do something, my response is always, “Everyone has the same number of minutes in a day; it’s all about how you choose to spend them.”
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