CenterPoint Publish Pay Advices

With CenterPoint Payroll version 14, Publish Pay Advices was updated to include a new website which creates a fresh user experience, better workflow, and improved security.
Moving to the new version of Publish Pay Advices involves a simple migration of your legacy data to bring across three years of historical pay advices. Once version 14 is installed, CenterPoint will detect your use of Publish Pay Advices and prompt you to perform this migration when you open your database(s.)
On January 1, 2020, Red Wing Software will retire the legacy Publish Pay Advices service and it will no longer be accessible. If you have already installed version 14 and migrated your legacy data, no further action is needed. If you have not, please move to version 14 and complete the pay advice migration process.
If you have questions, feel free to contact Red Wing Software at 1-800-732-9464, or e-mail:
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