The Person Behind the Voice – Mark Machtemes

Mark Machtemes.

Mark Machtemes has a long history working at Red Wing Software, so if you are a Red Wing Software customer, there is a pretty good chance you have talked to Mark. During his time at Red Wing Software, Mark has worked in many different sales positions and is currently the Business Development Manager. In this position, he works with the Red Wing Software partner channel, corporate accounts and third party software companies.

Here’s what Mark has to say about his time at Red Wing Software so far! “Having worked in the software industry since the early 1980s, I’ve been involved with many challenging and exciting changes to the industry. We’ve experienced computer changes from floppy drives to hard drives, DOS to Windows® software changes, the birth of the internet, and computer capabilities that are amazing. As we look into the future, who knows the possibilities that will follow. I enjoy talking with our customers about their goals and needs, along with working with great customers. We also have an amazing group of talented staff and management that makes it a great place to work.”

Outside of work, Mark enjoys golfing, fishing, traveling with his wife Pam and spending time with the family at their lake cabin and other activities.

Mark Machtemes and his family.
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