The Person Behind the Voice – Janet Polski

Janet Polski and her husband Tom

Janet has been with Red Wing Software for almost ten years, helping customers with their Customer Care Membership renewals. If you are a Red Wing Software customer, you’ve probably spoken with Janet! She has worked in the customer service field for years, including working at The Toro Company and Polaris Industries, both Minnesota grown companies. I asked Janet to put together something, so the many customers she speaks with every day can get to know her better. Here’s what she had to say!

“You may have noticed by my Minnesota accent, I was born and raised in Minnesota. Living in Minnesota is truly interesting and the climate is always changing, from 13 inches of snow on May 2nd to almost 99 degrees on September 9th, all in 2013. In my spare time, I like to garden, and that sometimes includes removing buckthorn off my property in Red Wing….which isn’t easy. I have two daughters, with the oldest one getting married next year. As you all know, wedding planning isn’t easy and getting everyone on the same idea is next to impossible. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate for a May 2014 wedding with no snow.”

“I am an avid outdoor enthusiast and animal lover. Arabian horses are my first passion with Bon Jovie being born on my farm 27 years ago. He is still as full of life as the day he was born. Bon Jovie was a top ribbon winner in Arabian halter for years, and he’s now a loving pasture pet. Last year my husband Tom and I purchased a Border Collie named ‘Boots’. What a smarty he has turned out to be. It is true they are a very smart breed of dog, never a dull moment at our house with Boots! I also love to kayak and fish on the Flambeau River in Wisconsin and eat fresh walleye. At our cabin on the Flambeau River, there are always family and friends stopping in. The biggest problem is catching enough walleye to feed everyone. ”

Janet Polski and her husband Tom as well as Janet and her horse Bon Jovie
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