What Customers think about eFiling with Red Wing Software & Aatrix

Red Wing Software customers have been experiencing the benefits of electronic tax filing (“eFiling”) for many years. eFiling can be done seamlessly using Red Wing Software Payroll Software. Customers simply begin the process within the software, and complete the service via Aatrix, Red Wing Software’s eFiling partner.

Through a recent survey, Aatrix gathered some comments from Red Wing Software eFiling customers.

  • “Aatrix makes it so easy and affordable that I don't even consider doing it myself.”
  • “Very efficient. I like the way you can confirm that each report has been sent.”
  • “Wish we had utilized the service sooner!”
  • “Since using Aatrix, I have not had any issues with any reporting agencies in payroll as it is very accurate.”
  • “The customer service team could not have been more helpful and endlessly patient!”
  • “Most definitely makes year-end much easier to accomplish. Cost-effective, easy to understand and helpful support staff - can't ask for more.”
  • “Well worth the money!Tax filing doesn't make my head hurt any longer!”
  • “I file for only about 15-20 employees annually. Aatrix eFiling has made my life easier - what took days now takes an hour! Will always use it.”
  • “Aatrix is easy to use and accurate.I have complete trust that Aatrix is correct and that it will be filed correctly and on time.If you are like me and at the last minute getting the reports finished and filed, Aatrix is the saving grace.I have absolute confidence in this company, which is saying something in this day and age.Fantastic job Aatrix and thank you for being there!”

For more information about electronic tax filing, please call 800-732-9464!

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