Pay Stubs

By Stephanie Elsen

Can a whole blog post be written about pay stubs? Well, if you manage payroll, you know pay stubs are important! A pay stub is the piece of paper an employee receives that contains information about their pay. If they receive a printed pay check, it’s typically attached to the check. If their pay is direct deposited or distributed on a pay card, the paper is simply handed out to those employees. Some employers even go a step further and offer electronic pay stubs, which eliminates the need for paper and allows employees to access their pay information securely online. No matter the form they take, the pay stub is necessary so employees can access information and details about their pay, employment, and benefits. Here are some things you should know about printed pay stubs.

Here are examples of some of the standard pay stub types available with a payroll system. What you put on the pay stubs for your employees largely depends on your company, the benefits you provide, and which information you and your employees need to see (or not to see).

  • Standard Pay Stub
  • Standard with Leave & Deductions Pay Stub
  • Standard with Benefits Pay Stub
  • Piece Rate Pay Stub
  • Standard with Piece Rate Pay Stub
  • Standard without YTD Hours Pay Stub
  • Standard without Leave Pay Stub

While many payroll software systems offer a standard set of payroll stub variations, some systems also allow you to design your own pay stubs, so they are exactly as your company and its employees with to see them. Red Wing Software’s CenterPoint Payroll does allow for designing of custom pay stubs with its Check Stub Designer, which is an optional add-on product.

Placement of the pay stub can vary greatly, and that’s why many payroll systems offer the ability to choose where the check and the pay stub are on the check paper stock. The page is typically divided into three sections, with one section being for the check itself, one section for the employee stub and the other section for the stub which the employer keeps.

Some payroll systems also offer users the option of providing electronic pay stubs. Employees are then able to access their current and prior pay data online, from any computer via the internet. This eliminates the need for paper pay stubs, and is also convenient way to provide employees in multiple states or locations with their pay information.

It is important to choose a payroll system that can create pay stubs for your company and its employees in a way that makes the most sense for you.

Pay Stub Sample – CenterPoint Payroll Software.

Pay Stub Sample – CenterPoint Payroll Software

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