The Person Behind the Voice – Cori and Ryan Palmer

Cori and Ryan with their son Liam

By Stephanie Elsen

Many of you may know Cori; she is one of our support technicians as well as the voice on many of our How2 Videos. What you may not know is her husband Ryan also works at Red Wing Software. Ryan is our Graphic Designer. Whether it’s a brochure, advertising, or our website, Ryan has a hand in designing or producing it.

This past November, they welcomed a brand new baby boy; Liam. Unfortunately, he was born with a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (basically a hole in his diaphragm). Thankfully, after surgery and sometime in the hospital, Liam has made a complete recovery. After a bumpy start, Cori and Ryan are now home with Liam, adjusting to being first time parents. We are all so thankful Liam is doing great and wish them the best!

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