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By Stephanie Elsen

Are you searching for a payroll solution to handle your company’s growing needs? If so, you are not alone! We talk to businesses every single day who are seeking a better way to manage their payroll processes and tax filing. About 380 people each day search the internet with the term ‘payroll software’. That’s a lot of searches! So how do you know if you’ve come to the right place? Consider these figures about those who benefit from our payroll software.

  • About 33% have outgrown their basic payroll software. Perhaps your system has hit its limit on number of employees or years of history? Maybe you got new computers and the old software system you are using won’t work with them, or you are losing support for an older system. We talk to people every day with these issues, and our newer technology and no cap on number of employees, years of history, and other data can help tremendously!
  • About 27% need specific features to accommodate their business needs. Whether it’s the management of payroll in multiple states, pay by piece rate, different pay types for an employee during the same pay period, or MANY more features, CenterPoint Payroll Software can fulfill those needs! If you have a specific feature that is missing from your current payroll software, just ask us. There is a good chance CenterPoint can handle it and make your life so much easier!
  • 27% are new businesses. Whether your business is small or large or in between, it is special and can have unique payroll needs. Restaurants need a system to help manage employee tips, farms may need to manage piece rate for the picking of produce, and accountants need to manage after the fact payroll. All of these (and many more) are important features yet can typically not be managed with basic payroll software. That’s why so many new businesses start out with CenterPoint Payroll Software.
  • 13% or so are cutting costs or bringing their payroll back in-house. Using a payroll service is popular and those who like it should stay with it! But for those wishing to bring their payroll back in house, CenterPoint is an excellent option. Some companies want to save money, and some want to gain control of their payroll. If you would like to check into those options, be sure to keep CenterPoint Payroll Software on your list of options.

Red Wing Software and CenterPoint Payroll Software help thousands of businesses manage their payroll efficiently and for less money. To see if we have a good fit for you, please call 800-732-9464 or e-mail: info@redwingsoftware.com.

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  • Just a little information about this company and CenterPoint software. We have used this software for the entire year of 2012,
    we have not purchased the support plan for 2013. Centerpoint is telling us that we cannot print our 2012 W2's out of there software even thou we
    have compiled all of our 2012 data within there software. This companies reasoning is that we have not updated for 2013, not sure why that would make them
    want to not let us print our W2's for 2012 we paid for 2012. BUYER BEWARE

    Also i am curious as to the the blogs and recent posts that are on website. The blogs are all titled why use Centerpoint, why use centerpoint accounting software,and i notice there is not one comment on any of them. Is anybody interested in using software or even using the software now? Not one comment?
    Dead Product line. To many choices for a company these days to treat them like this.

    I am a accountant and have used many different payroll software's over the years and there have been many,not one has ever tried to hold a companies data hostage. CAVEAT EMPTOR

    Dirk Meinhart
  • Dear Dirk,

    All customers who purchase a Red Wing Software support plan have access to the tax forms for one complete year. If your plan expired, then renewal is necessary to gain access to those forms. Your data is completely separate from the tax forms. We do not in any way have access to your data, since it is hosted at your site, not ours. There is no way we could hold your data hostage.

    Please call me directly if you wish to discuss further. 800-732-9464, ask for Stephanie.
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