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By Stephanie Elsen

If you are looking for accounting software and you came across our site, you might be wondering where CenterPoint Accounting Software and Red Wing Software fit into the scheme of accounting software programs.

There are so many accounting software companies out there; it can be hard to tell the difference between them all. To give you a good idea of who we are, consider these statistics about the people who are benefiting from our software.

  • 37% have outgrown their basic accounting software. People who started with a basic or “shelf” accounting software find that their business has outgrown the basic software’s capabilities. Perhaps they are entering too many transactions or inventory items, or the system is getting bogged down by too much stored history. This group also includes those who are using old, outdated systems for which they are losing support or the software cannot operate on newer computers they are purchasing. CenterPoint Accounting Software is a mid-market program and works very well as an option for those outgrowing their basic accounting software!
  • About 26% need better financial reports or specific software features to handle their company’s needs.People who desire better financial reporting account for a large percentage of new customers! Tracking information by department or profit center, drilling down to source entries, and a tight audit trail are all important considerations for a growing business. CenterPoint Accounting Software performs these functions very well. Many specific software features are also handled in CenterPoint. Managing multiple companies & consolidated reporting, managing multiple units of measure, and the ability to create custom reports are just a few of the features that can be handled within CenterPoint.
  • 20% are new businesses.Not everybody wants to start out with a basic shelf accounting software program. Those who understand the importance of good financial management and those with more complex needs at the start of their business turn to CenterPoint Accounting Software.
  • 17% are cutting costs or bringing the accounting back in-house. People who find themselves paying for and using a system that is way more functionality than they need often find that CenterPoint can handle what they need, and for significantly less money. People who are also trying to cut costs and gain control by bringing their accounting back in-house also find CenterPoint to be a great option.

Red Wing Software and CenterPoint Accounting Software have helped thousands of accounting software users manage their financial information. Contact us today to see how we can help you by calling 800-732-9464 or e-mailing info@redwingsoftware.com.

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