The Person Behind The Voice – Jon Isackson

Red Wing Software Product Manager / Support Services Manager

Jon Isackson is Red Wing Software’s Product Manager and uses his more than 31 years of experience to help shape the products that are produced for our customers. Then, in his role as Support Services Manager he leads a team of dedicated professionals in making sure that our customers understand how to effectively use those products. Many of you may have spoken with Jon during our very busy season, as he was on the phone helping with the large volume of customer calls, and spent most Saturday mornings doing research on any payroll problems that needed to be solved in order to get our customers up and running.

Jon started with Red Wing Software as a programmer in 1981, then splitting his time between development of the software and support of the customers who used the software. As Red Wing Software grew, he advanced from being the sole developer to heading up the entire development team. After the merger with Red Wing Software, Champion Business Systems and FMS Harvest in 2000, Jon moved from development to become Product Manager and Support Manager.

Having been here since Red Wing Software’s early years, Jon helped form the company Red Wing Software is today, from the special care we give to our customers, to the use of customer comments in shaping the development of our products.

Jon stays young by spending time with his granddaughter Kathryn, and enjoys the Minnesota summer by spending time on the local golf courses.

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