Hidden Gems – Seven Treasures in CenterPoint Accounting Software

In this post we have uncovered some ‘hidden gems’, features within CenterPoint Accounting that you may not currently be using, but that can help you and your business. These are features that our customers and the Red Wing Software support team have described as valuable, yet you may not be aware they are available. They are actually not at all hidden, but readily available within the program for you to use!

  1. Split Expenses

    CenterPoint allows you the option of splitting expenses by profit center, location, project and more. You can set up expenses to be split by a percentage to the office, a percentage to the sales department, etc. This is a huge time saver and helps you distribute expenses accurately.
  2. Reminders

    Set up reminders in CenterPoint Accounting to help keep you organized and on time! Reminders can be set up as “Conditional Balance Reminders” that tell you when you checking balance goes below a certain number, ”Payable Reminders” that remind you to pay your accounts payable invoices, “Scheduled Reminders” that let you setup any kind of a reminder for a certain day to pay rent, maintain your equipment, and more.
  3. Amortization Schedule

    Use the CenterPoint Amortization Schedule to calculate interest and principal amounts when planning for loans.
  4. Audit Trail Worksheet

    Use CenterPoint Accounting’s audit trail worksheet within transaction entry to easily determine who entered a transaction, creation date and time, modified date and time, how many times edited, who voided, and much more.
  5. Drill Down from Reports

    Wondering where a number on a report came from? Simply click on that number and you can drill down the source entry.
  6. Customizable Transaction Entry

    Make transaction entry much easier by only stopping on fields where you enter data often. CenterPoint also allows you to add, remove and sort columns on the transaction entry screen for quicker and easier entry.
  7. Customizable reports

    You have the ability to pull out the information you need, whether requested by auditors, management, or others. CenterPoint makes it easy with the ability to modify reports, or even create a custom report from scratch. No need to be a programmer; the custom report tools are built for all users!

Wondering how to get started using these hidden gems? Call today and we will be happy to help you! 800-732-9464.

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