International Strategic Thinking Month and Accounting Software

Did you know that September is “International Strategic Thinking Month”? There are a few things you can do with your accounting software to promote strategic thinking in your business.

Create a budget.

Creating a budget can result in increased confidence in decision making! A budget also helps you stay on track and create a profitable plan for the future.

Run an ABC Analysis.

ABC analysis within an inventory management software system is a practical report that can show you which items are most profitable. And, knowing which of your items are most profitable can help you make better decisions.

Run a Suggested Purchases report.

The Suggested Purchases process looks at the inventory information and determines which items need to be ordered based on current on-hand quantities and/or past sales demand (history). Purchase quantities are created from the sales item purchase information such as preferred vendor, minimum quantity, maximum quantity, normal order quantity, and vendor's minimum order quantity. This is a time-saving process that can automate purchase order creation.

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