The Person Behind the Voice – Roxie Thoner

If you’ve ever called Red Wing Software, you’ve probably talked to Roxie Thoner. She’s been helping Red Wing Software customers get what they need for more than 21 years! We caught up with Roxie and asked her a few questions, so you can get to know her a little better.

  1. What has been your favorite part of working at Red Wing Software over the years?

    The people - we have a great group here which makes it fun. Also, things are always changing in the software industry so even though I’ve been here a while, there is always something new.

  2. What’s one of your favorite stories, having spoken with so many Red Wing Software customers?

    I feel like I have many friends I’ve never met all around the country. I have to laugh when I answer the phone and someone who hasn’t called in years says, “Roxie I can’t believe you are still there.” I think they are happy I’m still here!

  3. Tell us a little bit about your twin grandsons!

    Ezra and Ashton are our 1st (and 2nd) grandchildren and are 14 months old. It’s so much fun to watch them interact with each other. They are mobile now and what one of them doesn’t think of the other one does. I hope I can keep up with them. Everyone told us being grandparents is the best and they were right.

  4. What do you like to do outside of work?

    Well, when I can’t go visit the grandsons, I enjoy working in my flower gardens, sitting around a bonfire and visiting with friends. Now that we are empty nesters, I’m hoping to do some quilting. I like to travel and am currently looking forward to visiting a former co-worker who now lives in Alaska this August.

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