Publish Pay Advice: "A Huge Win"

Wendy Velarde, VP of Human Resources at U.S. Water Services, noticed one day that somebody was walking around the office handing out pay stubs to employees. She thought it seemed inefficient and wanted to see if there was a better way. They were using CenterPoint Payroll by Red Wing Software at the time, so she contacted Red Wing Software to learn more about streamlining that process. Shortly after, they began using the electronic publish pay advice feature offered within CenterPoint Payroll. “Employees have been extremely happy with the online access to their pay information,” said Wendy, “Now they can access their pay data anytime.” Wendy also mentioned several situations during which the electronic access to pay advices could have come in handy. “Once during a snow storm, an employee needed access to his pay information, but only a very few employees had made it to the office. Having the pay advice function back then would have given him immediate access to that data, as long as he had access to the internet,” said Wendy. Also, employees all around the U.S. had to wait for their paper pay stub from the corporate office via mail. The employees are now much happier, having immediate access to their pay information instead of waiting for their stub to arrive in the mail. Providing immediate access to their payroll information allowed one family with a son going to college, to access the financial information they needed for their son’s college easily by using the online pay advice system. Wendy added, “Adding the publish pay advice function has been a huge win from an employee perspective, and it has also saved our company time and money.”

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