Shortening Transaction Entry Time

Of course you are always looking to save yourself some time so you can get your job done faster, right? Your accounting software surely offers its own set of time-saving functions. Here are some standard time-saving tools you might want to try out today, in the interest of shortening entry time and getting your job done faster.

Entering dates

Instead of having to type in the date every time you enter a transaction, use the shortcuts available throughout your accounting software. Typical shortcuts for the entry of dates include:

  • Choosing dates from a calendar which can be pulled up on the screen.
  • Auto-fill, a function in which the system recognizes the current month and year. You need only enter the day. For example if it is now February 2012, and you enter the number 25, the auto-fill functions will recognize it as February 25, 2012.
  • Numerical entry. You enter numerically the month, date and year, for example 022512. The system recognizes this as February 25, 2012.

Set as default

If you find yourself selecting the same option each time you go through data entry, you may want to save yourself time by setting that option as the default. That way it appears every time you come back to the data entry screen, and you don’t have to manually choose it!

Tab stops

Are there fields of information you see every time you enter data, but you never use them? You can set up the system to skip those fields! Tab stops allow you to choose which fields the cursor stops at in each transaction entry screen. By setting tab stops, the cursor will only stop at those items you actually use, saving you significant data entry time.

You have enough to do during the day! Let your accounting software help you cut out unnecessary time and shorten your data entry process.

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