Accounting Software - How to Test your Potential New System

So you’ve done your homework and narrowed down your accounting software search to just a few systems. Now it’s time to test out each system and see which one works best for you. There are several ways to test out your new system. Being aware of what is available will help you choose the right method for you and your business.

View product videos

Watching a video about your potential software is a good way to get to know the system and in general, what it has to offer, including some of its features and the user interface. The downside of product videos is that you can’t search for the features you are seeking, or see how the product works. It is a great way to get a general feel for the system, which can be extremely helpful at the start of your software search.

Attend a live demonstration

Some software companies offer potential users the opportunity to join a demonstration of their software, whether it’s via the internet or in person. This can be a beneficial use of your time, since you can watch an expert navigate through the system, with the ability to ask questions along the way. After all, who is better at showing you the system than a system expert? Attending a demonstration is a must-do for the purchase of any software system!

Fully functioning trial software version

Some software vendors offer a trial version of their software for you to try out. Some software trials are fully functioning versions of the software, and others are more limited. The advantage to using a software trial version is that you can really get a feel for how the system works. However, without some training or at least familiarity with a software system, it’s nearly impossible to get a true picture of how the software really works.

In a perfect world, you would have the option to use all three of the above to make your decision. First, view a product video at the start of your software search, in order to gain familiarity with the system. After that, attend a live demonstration to get an idea if that system (how it works and its feature set) is an appropriate option for you and your business. Using these two options together can be enough to make your decision, but if you still have questions after that, installing the trial software version can really help. Just be sure that when you are in the trial version working, there is somebody at the software vendor company who is willing to help you along the way and answer any questions that may arise during your testing.

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